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Mondo Kaos – our brands and sustainability

Fast Fashion - Clothes have never been cheaper

Environment and sustainability are on everyone's lips, and according to us, they should be, as the clothing industry is the fourth largest environmental burden in Europe. Fast Fashion is the biggest culprit. In fact, clothes have never been cheaper than they are today, and unfortunately that is not a good thing. In the fashion industry, they say that the seasons are no longer 4 times a year, but 52, one for each week. Environmental costs, low quality and poor working conditions make it possible to produce clothing at a fraction of what it should cost.

We want more clothing joy

Quality, employee welfare and sustainability naturally have a longer lifespan, and then it has the bonus that it provides greater clothing satisfaction. Therefore, it always pays off in the long run to buy good quality, even if the price here and now is higher than the prices of fast fashion. For the small vintage-style brands we carry, it applies that they take into account one or more things that we stand for, and we would like to explain a little more about that here. So you can decide for yourself what is most important to you when you try to join the fight for a better environment and better conditions. It can be difficult to see what is best for the environment, and whether what is best for the environment also takes into account other important things such as working conditions, place of production and animal welfare. That's why we try to tell a little about it here, even if we can't get all our brands involved.

Palava in Turkey - "I made your clothes"

Local production in England by The House of Foxy

Zoe Vine production in Asia

The joy of the unique piece of clothing

Let's start with ourselves. We have changed from the large Mondo Kaos bags to environmentally friendly degradable bags. So when you get your beautiful vintage-inspired clothes home in a bag that may not look as luxurious as our old bags or the beautiful dresses you just bought, you can be happy that they are sustainably produced and biodegradable . And then we got new degradable shipping bags, which we are looking forward to using. It happens at the start of the new year or as soon as the old ones are used up.

No overproduction – no waste
Our regular customers will know that we only take home a few items of each, and unfortunately it happens that customers leave here disappointed because their size of a certain vintage dress was sold out and cannot be ordered home again. It may be comforting that this is actually the core of our and many of our brands' production ethics, namely that we do not overproduce, but that we only produce what is ordered from the dealers, us! In this way, we all help to reduce the huge overproduction of clothing that ends up in landfills every year. In addition, you secure yourself a beautiful piece of vintage clothing that there are certainly not many others who also have.

Sustainability and fair trade from our vintage brands

The core values ​​of most of our retro and vintage style brands are one or more of the following; small production, sustainable materials / sustainable production such as water-saving printing, ecology, working conditions, European production (or for our American brands; production in the USA), durability - expensive materials that last!

Almost all of our brands have limited production. Several of them only produce what is ordered from the dealers and for the brand's own online shop. Virtually all brands are trying to find ways in which they can improve in terms of the green footprint that clothing and shoe production leaves on the world.

New at Mondo Kaos: Swedish Stockings

First, some really good news here at Mondo Kaos! We are super happy to be able to introduce you to wonderful quality stockings from Swedish Stockings. With their innovative techniques, they help to create new sustainable ways of producing socks, and the quality and appearance are top notch.

Both parts are a priority because in Mondo Kaos, with all the beautiful dresses, we cannot do without beautiful stockings.


Innovative sustainable socks from Sweden
Swedish Stockings is a brand that specializes in producing stockings, tights and pantyhose from surplus production and plastic. A big culprit in environmentally friendly production is of course all the fabric residues that go to waste. Swedish Stockings takes them and uses them in the production of their stockings. But it doesn't stop there; their new innovation tights are made from PET bottles, and then Swedish Stockings uses your old nylon stockings to make fiberglass tanks that are used for industry.

You can hand in 3 pairs of nylon stockings (or more) to Mondo Kaos and get 10% off your purchase from Swedish Stockings - then we will send them up to Swedish Stockings so they can be included in their production.

The socks are of the highest quality, manufactured in Italy in an emission-free factory.

sexy and sustainable fishnet stockings from Swedish Stockings
support tights from sustainable brand Swedish Stockings
sexy leopard tights from swedish stockings


It is important for us to make sure that the brands we sell care a lot about fair trade and employee welfare. They all work closely with the factories that manufacture textiles and the finished product (if they don't do it "in house") to ensure the high standard of material quality as well as the final result.

Very Cherry vintage style clothing designed in the Netherlands produced in Poland.

See all the beautiful dresses and blouses from Very Cherry

This applies, for example, to Very Cherry , where all the clothes are designed in the Netherlands by Caroline, and produced in a small factory in Poland. The clothes must be of a quality that can be used again and again so that it is sustainable.

The House of Foxy – Made locally in England and in Europe

The same applies to another of our favorite brands , The House of Foxy. The House of Foxy sells top quality vintage inspired clothing that is made locally in England and Europe. Clare, who is behind The House of Foxy, has today i.a. employed four seamstresses, a pattern cutter, a garment handler and a production manager. The House of Foxy produces much of its clothing itself in England.

The entire collection from The house of Foxy here

Asia – under controlled proper conditions

Brands such as Zoe Vine and Unique Vintage are among those that have chosen to have production in Asia. However, there is still full focus on employee welfare. The clothes are produced in Vietnam and China respectively, under proper and safe conditions, and under strict supervision, so that the employees have the best conditions.

Browse everything from Unique Vintage
See the beautiful vintage style dresses from Zoe Vine here

Organic cotton and environmental heroes

Palava - Organic cotton made in Europe

We also have brands such as Palava that only use organic cotton that is grown and spun in Turkey in small factories. Palava attaches great importance to sustainability, and has taken a number of precautions to produce as environmentally friendly as possible while at the same time having a strong focus on employee welfare. All dresses, skirts and pantsuits are sewn in a small factory on the outskirts of London, and all their knitwear is made in Turkey. Last but not least, Palava packs their clothes in biodegradable bags, rather than plastic; a small step towards a plastic-free future.

Like our other brands, Palava only produces small batches at a time, thus avoiding waste and overproduction, and you can be sure that the clothes you buy from Palava are not only of high quality but also unique.

Palava dress in 100% linen
Novelty Palava dress in 100% organic cotton
Palava dress with novelty print in 100 organic cotton

Our international brands with sustainability in focus

Heart of Haute - family business with the environment in mind

A brand that, in addition to employee welfare and local production, also has a different approach is Heart of Haute . They have thought about how to reduce water consumption, which is one of the biggest environmental culprits when it comes to clothing production. By printing the clothes with digital prints, this means no washing and no chemicals are washed into the environment. Teresa and Mandy, who are the women behind Heart of Haute, produce all their clothes in a small sewing room in LA, assisted by two seamstresses.

purple shirt with tie bow from Heart of Haute
black swing dress from Heart of Haute

Vintage shoes from Charlie Stone

Charlie Stone - Australian shoes with sustainability in mind

Charlie Stone is a brand that is constantly trying to improve itself in terms of the green footprint that clothing and shoe production leaves on the world.

Charlie Stone is a shoe that you will have for many years, and the brand provides instructions on how you yourself, by maintaining your shoe, can ensure that you have it for an extra long time. In addition, the brand uses 100% compostable plastic bags and only a minimum of tissue paper inside the box and shoe.

Good leather is very sustainable in many ways, especially since it is also biodegradable.

The way to a greener future

So why are we writing all this? It is to draw attention to the fact that we must also make a choice towards a greener future and new buying habits. If we want to support the brands that are trying to make a difference, we must also look at the overall picture.

It is clear that for small brands it is also about finding a way to make a sustainable production and still keep the prices reasonable. Therefore, it is difficult from the start to make both fair trade, locally produced, organic and small batches at a reasonable price. So it is important to keep in mind that not only do you buy from small retailers who sell sustainably produced goods, but you also help them to continue to follow the sustainable path. At Mondo Kaos, we focus on selling vintage style brands that have these core values, but which also retain the high quality and of course the look that we want to sell and that we know our customers want to find with us.

We are always ready to guide you to a sustainable wardrobe and answer your questions in the store, we look forward to your visit.


Team Mondo Kaos ❤

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