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Vintage inspired clothing from Heart of Haute

Heart of Haute is an American vintage brand founded by mother and daughter, Mandie Bee and Teresa Becker in 2005.

They started by delivering to 2 local stores from their own home in California. The entire production of their vintage-inspired fashion took place here, with a particular focus on the 1950s and colorful patterns.

In 2008, they moved to an office and warehouse in San Dimas, California with more employees, and today they deliver to hundreds of stores in the USA and the rest of the world, including, of course, Mondo Kaos, which sells Heart Of Haute exclusively in Denmark.

Although Heart of Haute is now a larger enterprise, Mandie and Teresa are proud to still produce all of their beautiful vintage style designs in California.

Heart of Haute – Your clothing philosophy

Heart of Haute is a brand with a mission. Mother and daughter love clothes and therefore they also have a philosophy behind their brand. There is a reason why their vintage-style clothes are beautifully made, adapted to the female body and preferably in beautiful and colorful prints: They believe that the clothes are a way of expressing themselves, and can help to give better self-esteem and maybe even bring joy to the people who see you walking in your unique and colorful clothes.
Who are you today and how do you want to feel? According to Heart of Haute, these are the two questions you should take the time to ask yourself before getting dressed in the morning. Do something for your well-being when you get dressed, that's a philosophy we can only nod to here at Mondo Kaos.

Sustainability and Heart of Haute

With that approach to people, it is clear that Heart of Haute is also concerned with sustainability.

It is no secret that the green transition is on many people's agenda, and it should be. The clothing industry in particular is a big culprit, with fast fashion, cheap prices and the use-and-throw-away culture.

That is why Heart of Haute mostly makes their clothes from natural fibers such as cotton and viscose, i.e. fibers that are biodegradable unlike e.g. polyester. The clothes are naturally of high quality so they last a long time, and remain the same good quality wash after wash.

They pay their employees well and all the beautiful vintage clothing is produced locally in California.

In addition, another major environmental culprit in the clothing industry is the dyeing of clothing. Here, Heart of Haute exclusively uses digital print technology for their beautiful vintage patterns, which means that no water is used in the process. Therefore, the color is not released into the environment and it is also a vegan process. This method meets both the Oeko-Tex 100 and the Global Organic Textile (GOTS) standard.

Heart of Haute in Mondo Kaos

We love Heart of Haute in Mondo Kaos . There is no doubt that both we and our customers love Heart of Haute. We have many bestsellers from the brand, and the same for all of them is the high quality and the flattering cut. They naturally focus on the classic 1950s hourglass silhouette, with the slim waist and the beautiful female shapes. In addition, we love the beautiful patterns and strong colors that are always adapted to the season.

Mondo Kaos and Heart Of Haute have a close collaboration, and Mondo Kaos CEO. If you also live in California, we have the opportunity to meet and develop styles especially for our Mondo Ladies.

Vintage style tops and blouses from Heart of Haute

A Heart of Haute classic - Estelle Shirt

In Mondo Kaos, we cannot say Heart of Haute without saying: Estelle! This is the shirt with the beautiful pussy-bow tie and it is a vintage classic at Mondo Kaos. We can't wait to see the new colors and patterns that Heart of Haute produces for each new season and we are never disappointed. The colors are always both beautiful and individual and yet meet the fashion of the time in a beautiful combination. The shirt, which is tailored, looks good on everyone, and we love the different styling options (you can see Stine's guide here). This beautiful vintage shirt will suit every outfit, and it is a shirt that you can easily have in many variations in the wardrobe; a neutral color for everyday life, a bright and cheerful color for summer, and a beautiful pattern for when you want to add a bit more flair to everything.

We also carry other beautiful vintage tops from Heart of Haute; The Monroe blouse, for example, with the beautiful boat neckline inspired by Marilyn Monroe herself. Or the Bindebolero. Beautiful blouses in a vintage cut with the high quality we are used to from this brand.

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Vintage style dresses from Heart of Haute

Of course, we also have the beautiful vintage and retro dresses from Heart and Haute.

Swing dresses in vintage 50s style from Heart Of Haute

It is clear that a mid-century brand like Heart of Haute has many beautiful swing dresses. We carry, among other things, the beautiful Milan dress which, with its circle skirt, really lives up to its swing name. All Heart of Haute's swing dresses have plenty of room, and sit beautifully up to the waist, whether belted or not.

The swing dresses naturally come in several colours.

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Wrap around dresses in retro style from Heart Of Haute

The beautiful vintage wrap dresses from Heart of Haute have all the beautiful vintage details such as puff sleeves and A-shape, and they are easy to style and therefore fit perfectly into everyday life, when things have to go quickly and you still want to will be beautifully dressed.

These dresses often come in beautiful prints, which are probably worth keeping an eye on.

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A-line dresses from Heart Of Haute

The A-line dresses from Heart of Haute are also one of our vintage favourites. It is simple in cut, but sits beautifully and is super flattering. The A-line dresses are good for every occasion, especially as they often come in beautiful prints.

Retro style skirts from Heart Of Haute

The fantastic swing skirt from Heart of Haute in classic vintage style has everything you want from a skirt. A beautiful waistband, lots of width, nice buttons down the front, and it has pockets! This vintage skirt gives a beautiful figure, but is otherwise extremely suitable for everyday use. In addition, like Estelle, it always comes in the colors of the season, so there is always a new Heart of Haute skirt to look forward to.

The skirt goes perfectly with the Estelle shirt, but can of course be styled with all our beautiful vintage blouses and tops.

See our entire range from Heart of Haute in our store in Copenhagen

In the store, our skilled staff are ready to help you find the right vintage and retro clothes and accessories in a feminine retro style for you.

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