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In Mondo Kaos, in addition to beautiful clothes, outerwear and shoes in vintage style, we also carry a number of indispensable vintage accessories. At Mondo Kaos, we think that the fun and beautiful accessories from the Australian brand Erstwilder fit perfectly into our Mondo Kaos colorful universe, and light up a classic vintage wardrobe with a unique and colorful twist.

Retro-inspired jewelry design from Erstwilder 

Erstwilder is an Australian brand founded in 2011 in Melbourne, Australia. Erstwilder specializes in jewelery and accessories which they design in charming limited edition collections. 

It all started with imaginative brooches, necklaces and earrings in their signature resin material, inspired by the designers' vintage collections. Over time, the range has come to also include small enamel 'pins', scarves and berets, all in a beautiful and unique design.

The idea behind Erstwilder is to create an expressive universe full of eccentric, delicious and original designs, which both make your outfit more fun and can help create communication in everyday life.

The Erstwilder team consists of designers who love both the vintage style, animals and especially accessories.

All brooches are hand-painted, and therefore have small deviations from each other, something that just adds even more charm, we think.

Retro brooches from Erstwilder

At Mondo Kaos, we like to take home at least a few collections of the beautiful Erstwilder 'limited editions' each year. We stick to the collections we think suit our customers best, and which fit in best with the vintage style, and will decorate our vintage style sweaters, jackets and cardigans.

For example, we have had brooches for Christmas, or in Grease style, and of course we also have brooches from Erstwilder with flora and fauna. We at Mondo Kaos, like Erstwilder, love animals and flowers, which is why we naturally also have brooches with cats and dogs when the chance presents itself.

Vintage style accessories from Erstwilder

In addition to the famous brooches from Erstwilder in vintage style, we also occasionally have earrings, necklaces and especially scarves from the brand.

The scarves are perfect for adding a little spice to your vintage outfit. The scarves are colorful and in the same collections as the jewellery, so you can match all your Erstwilder accessories.  The scarves we choose for Mondo Kaos are typically in small floral or animal prints, and are perfect for your vintage look.

Erstwilder beret

As something newer in Erstwilder's selection, they also have beautiful berets with retro embroidery. For example, the famous "poodle on a leash" design, which was super popular on everything from skirts to thermoses in the 1950s. 

An alpine hat is a beautiful accessory that can easily spice up your vintage look, and with a beret from Erstwilder, you simply can't avoid making people you meet on your way smile.

How do I style my vintage style accessories from Erstwilder

The beautiful brooches are the perfect accessory for a beautiful vintage-style cardigan, or on your jacket. A brooch can give a toned-down cardigan or a blazer lapel a twist, and at the same time signal something about your personality. The fine brooches are also perfect on a hat or a plain beret.
You can also tie a scarf and put the brooch on the knot.

The scarves from Erstwilder can be styled in countless ways. The small scarves are perfect in the hair, but can also be tied around bags or you can tie a scarf around the wrist instead of a bracelet. 

Charming vintage style brooch as a collector's item

The fine accessories, and especially the brooches, have become collectors' items, and having a small collection of brooches in different designs and colors is not a bad idea when you want to put together a delicious vintage outfit. 

Use, for example, the brooch or the scarf as a contrast, and match it with a few other items in your outfit, so that the brooch or scarf really catches the eye.

Remember the details, and feel free to ask us for advice on how best to style your vintage-style accessories from Erstwilder in a smart and unique way.

Do you have further questions about our collections?

At Mondo Kaos, our first priority is always happy customers. If you have any questions, whatsoever, about our range, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

You can always write your question to, where we endeavor to respond within one working day.