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Feminine pantsuits in classic retro and vintage style

We love trouser suits in Mondo Kaos, and we think they can do something very special, because they are both practical for everyday life and the perfect alternative to a dress for a party!
The pantsuit is one piece of clothing that covers the whole body with the exception of the head, hands and feet, and which is mostly closed at the front with either press studs, button closures or zips.
The pantsuits of the early 40s were practical and easy to move in and did not give much silhouette. The pantsuits of the later 40s almost looked like evening dresses with their voluminous, wide legs and beautiful drapes, and the suits of the 50s were close-fitting and figure-enhancing often with narrow, short cigarette legs to create the famous hourglass silhouette!

A little about the history of the pantsuit

Some of the first pantsuits designed were actually professional parachute suits used by soldiers during World War II. Precisely because the men were at war, the women took over many of their jobs and they had to wear work clothes. Therefore, suits were designed for the women so that they could move more easily and work faster, and thus do as much good for the motherland as possible. The trouser suit in the early 40s is often characterized by a shirt collar and closure, long sleeves with turn-ups and regular trouser legs.
After the war, they began to develop the design of the trouser suit, so that it suddenly became a fashionable garment that could be worn on several occasions, and which not only symbolized work clothes. Suddenly wide, draped trouser legs and defined waists were seen, and the trouser suit was now used to show off the figure, like all other clothing in the post-war resurgence.
In the 50s, the design evolved again, and the angular, uniform-like look was now predominantly fit. The trouser suit in the 50s became tighter and figure-hugging, the neckline changed from the masculine shirt collar to the feminine boat collar, the trouser legs first became narrower, then shorter, and the whole expression generally became more feminine, while still not quite normal for women to wear pants back then. That's why trouser suits were also designed with so-called 'culottes' legs, which are short, wide trouser legs that give the impression of a dress/skirt, even though they are trousers!

Our selection of feminine retro pantsuits

At Mondo Kaos, we have a good, small selection of feminine trouser suits in classic retro and vintage style, and we are constantly working to expand our range so that we can offer feminine trouser suits to all our wonderful customers. Depending on the season, we have pantsuits with cigarette legs, pantsuits with wide legs, with long or short sleeves and different cuts in classic retro and vintage style, inspired by the fashion of the 40s and 50s! Whether you're looking for a raw wartime pinup jumpsuit, an elegant Marilyn Monroe-inspired pantsuit, or a cute, feminine everyday pantsuit, you can find it with us!

Styling your trouser suit in retro style

You can style your retro trouser suit in many different ways and thereby create many different expressions and looks, so you can use your trouser suit for everyday life, at work and for festive occasions!
An early 40s-inspired pantsuit can, for example, be worn with black lace-up boots and a neckerchief for a raw, 'tom-boy'-inspired look - or with a pair of high heels, statement earrings and bracelets and a light but dark make-up for a more sexy look!
The trouser suit from the late 40s is very feminine and is very suitable for evening wear and party wear, because of the figure-hugging cut and the dramatic, wide leg, which really catches the eye and gives a great flow when you walk! The feminine pantsuit can easily be worn for everyday and work with a pair of boots and a waist-cut cardigan, and for evening wear you can wear it with a pair of high heels and statement jewelry for a simple and classic, feminine look!
The 50s trouser suit is also very feminine. The pantsuit with cigarette legs can be styled very elegantly and is really good for office use and other events where you want to look formal and elegant. It can be worn with high heels and a simple necklace for a subdued, casual retro look.
The 50s pant suit with culotte legs is the perfect alternative to a dress and can be styled with studded stockings or tights to give your legs even more attention. Complete the 50s look with red shoes and matching lipstick and nails!

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You can look here at our webshop and see what we offer of feminine pantsuits and other feminine clothing , but if you have the opportunity to visit our store in Copenhagen, we would recommend that you do so, so that you can see our full range of fantastic pantsuits. In the store, we are passionate clothing lovers, and will do everything we can to help you find the perfect pantsuit in feminine retro style for you.

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