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Retro & Vintage style earrings

Now that you've found your perfect vintage style dress or personalized retro outfit at Mondo Kaos, you can always make your look even more stylish by adding vintage style accessories. With a good and wide selection of colorful accessories, you can always style a great look that works well together and gives your look that extra vintage touch.

With our Rock It Rosie earrings, you get beautiful earrings in exclusive Mondo Kaos design for your vintage look. The retro-inspired earrings will spice up your look and highlight the vintage style.

The earrings consist of hoops and are made of resin with nickel-free steel. We have them in many beautiful colors, so they can easily match a part of your outfit. Some are solid colors and some are with embedded glitter that gives a beautiful play when they hit the light. They are the perfect accessory for festive occasions where you really need to shine, but can also be used for a great vintage style everyday look.

We also have matching bracelets that you can style your vintage style earrings with. Wear them with the matching bracelets from Rock It Rosie, both the ones with glitter and the ones without. The fine retro earrings from Rock It Rosie are handmade and therefore minor variations may occur.

Style with vintage accessories from Mondo Kaos

A plain or neutral look can quickly gain extra flair with a pair of earrings from Rock It Rosie. It's a good idea to have two items in the same color to give your retro look consistency. So style your retro earrings in the same color as a handbag, shoes, nail polish or one of the retro style bracelets. This will also give your look an extra touch of vintage style.

Of course, you can also create a color-block look where you focus your entire look on two main colors. Here, the colors can be bold or muted as you wish, but have roughly equal amounts of each to achieve the right vintage effect.

You can also choose to style your earrings and all other accessories in one shade for a solid colored dress. There are many different types of clothing and accessories that you can match with your earrings. For example, shoes and socks from What Katie Did.

You can also match more traditional accessories like bracelets and brooches. Or hair accessories such as a turban, scarf or hair flowers.

You can also style the vintage-style Rock it Rosie earrings to match your nail polish or, if you choose red, your lipstick.

Either way, you can always find great accessories to match your earrings here at Mondo Kaos that will compliment and complete your vintage look.

Find the right vintage style earrings in Mondo Kaos.

If you would like to see and try on our beautiful vintage and retro dresses in real life and match them with the beautiful vintage style accessories, you are very welcome to visit our physical store in Nørrebro - Birkegade 1.

Our always helpful and skilled staff is ready to advise you on how to find the outfit that suits you.