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Short Sleeve Tops & Shirts

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Short-sleeved blouses and shirts in retro and vintage style

The right blouse or shirt can change an outfit in an instant, and at Mondo Kaos we have a large selection of short-sleeved blouses, shirts and tops in retro and vintage styles, inspired by fashion from the late 30s to the early 60s . 

Short sleeve vintage style tops all year round

Shirts and blouses with short sleeves in a retro style are super popular in Mondo Kaos all year round. When you think short-sleeved blouse, you usually think of summer and all the light short-sleeved blouses, shirts and t-shirts that belong to summer, but our short-sleeved tops can easily be worn all year round. 

In the summer we naturally carry a large selection of short-sleeved vintage style blouses and tops. The selection consists of short-sleeved tops in many variants, from the completely short-sleeved to short sleeves that cover most of the upper arm.
The short sleeves are also of a completely different nature, thus we have short puff sleeves, straight sleeves, short frilled sleeves, 'cap sleeves' which sit tightly around the shoulder or off-shoulder tops. These all have different fine details, but what they all have in common is their beautiful vintage style.

In the cold season, the short-sleeved vintage-style shirt is absolutely perfect under a beautiful waist-short vintage-style cardigan, such as those from Emmy Design, The House of Foxy or Palava. Our Short Sleeve Vintage Style Tie Bow Shirts can even be super cute under some of our knit blouses where the tie bow sticks out. You are thus dressed for the colder temperatures outside, but can easily take off the warm shirt and still be well dressed. 

The various tops with short sleeves

No matter what type of short-sleeved shirt or blouse you are looking for, you will probably find one that suits your taste. We have blouses with short sleeves that are waisted and sit close to the body with a bit of stretch, and we have the slightly more draped shirts with short sleeves that are super suitable under a pair of high-waisted trousers or pencil skirts. We also always have the wonderful retro pinup print t-shirts for a cool 1950s look.

Our short-sleeved shirts also come with all sorts of cuts and details. Thus, we always have many short-sleeved pussy bow or tie blouses, we have short-sleeved shirts with regular collars or Peter Pan collars, and you can find V-neck, round-neck, key-hole and many more short-sleeved shirts and blouses in our assortment. 

Vintage style tops with short sleeves in many colors and sizes

All our short-sleeved blouses and shirts are made to a very high quality in beautiful materials, and we have a good selection of sizes; our many short-sleeved shirts and blouses are also available in plus sizes! In addition, we have short-sleeved tops suitable for both those with smaller or larger busts, and we are always ready to advise on this.

Of course, we always carry our tops with short sleeves in many colors and patterns.

Styling your feminine blouses and shirts in classic retro / vintage style

The possibilities are many when it comes to styling your vintage short-sleeved tops. We have tops for all body types, so those who want to focus more on the upper part can advantageously choose a short-sleeved top with more details or perhaps a patterned or variegated short-sleeved top, while those who want more focus on the hips, butt and legs can choose a more neutral or solid color short-sleeved top.

You can put together your outfits just to suit you: stay in style and create a beautiful and elegant look with a classic hourglass silhouette by wearing a classic short-sleeved 1940s shirt together with high-waisted bottoms - for example the high-waisted swing trousers or skirts. Or you can create a more modern look by pairing your beautiful 40s style short sleeve shirt with a pair of high waisted jeans, or your cool retro print t-shirt with a classic black pencil skirt. 

No matter what type of short-sleeved blouse, shirt or t-shirt you're after, whether it's for your feminine suit, your cool jeans for an edgy rockabilly look, a completely classic vintage look, a little retro touch for your everyday outfit or a high-waisted swing skirt for dancing, we have it in Mondo Kaos!