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Skirts in classic retro and vintage style

At Mondo Kaos, we are very happy with skirts in all shades, because the different models do something special to the silhouette. And most can be used both for everyday life and for more festive occasions, depending on which blouse or shirt you style the skirt with.

Retro and vintage skirts in 1940s style

In the early 1940s, fashion was influenced by the war, and skirts were simple, high-waisted and mostly cut in knee-length A-line cuts because it was practical to move in and because it saved material (as opposed to the floor-length skirts of the 30s and dresses). They often had no pockets and were closed with buttons or zippers. However, the various restrictions of the war also created creativity, and therefore several new types of skirts were seen in the early 1940s, e.g. peplum skirts and sarong-effect skirts that managed to create shape and volume with minimal use of material. After the war, the skirt developed in two different directions, becoming the two dominant types of skirts in the 1950s: the swing skirt and the pencil skirt.

Retro and vintage skirts in 1950s style

In 1947 and 1948, Dior created two cuts that became dominant in 1950s fashion: the full swing cut from the 'New Look' collection Corolle and the narrow, body-hugging pencil skirt from the Ailee collection.
The swing skirt was a high-waisted, round-cut skirt with a very full skirt, which for evening wear was made even more voluminous by means of a crinoline or petticoat. This gave the woman a great silhouette with a very defined waist, the famous hourglass silhouette. Because of the full skirt, the swing skirts were also used to dance in, especially for Jive, Jitterbug and Rock'n'Roll, where there was really high tempo and the opportunity to get the skirt buzzing!
The pencil skirt was high-waisted and fitted from hip to knee in a straight line with no excess fabric, creating a stunning silhouette that beautifully framed the entire lower body. Often the pencil models had a small slit at the back so that it was possible to move in them, but some models were made without a slit and these were known as 'wiggle' models because it required its woman to move her legs elegantly in such tight outfit! The pencil cut is body-hugging and revealing, and in the 1950s they were specifically designed for grown-up women – teenagers were simply discouraged from wearing pencil skirts because they were 'too sexy'! However, this did not stop the young people from going with the fitted skirt and today the pencil skirt is one of the most popular cuts because it can be both formal and sexy depending on how you wear it.

Retro skirts in classic 1960s style

In the 1960s, the A-line cut came back, albeit in a completely different version that has since become iconic: the mini-skirt or 'the mini skirt', which was characterized by the fact that there could not be less than 10 cm. between the knee and seam line, which meant that there was full focus on highlighting the legs! Fashion in the 60s was also influenced by war (the Vietnam War), because the horrors of war made ordinary people want to return to their childhood and youth, to innocence and peace. The playful, innocent expression came i.a. another expression in London, where young English women began to shorten their skirts and dresses to resemble school uniforms, and to show off their legs with brightly colored tights. The English designer Mary Quant noticed this new trend in the British street scene and it inspired her to create a collection with both the small skirts and brightly colored tights, and both designs have become iconic! The mini skirt gives a playful, youthful and innocent expression that is perfect for dancing Go! Bark! i, whether you're into the innocent Mod Girl look à la Twiggy or the more raw Beatnik look à la Edie Sedgwick!

Our selection of feminine retro and vintage skirts

At Mondo Kaos we have a solid selection of different skirts in classic retro and vintage style. We have A-line skirts from Very Cherry , Emmy Design & Heart Of Haute , classic pencil skirts from The House Of Foxy & Daisy Dapper , swing skirts from Miss Candyfloss , sexy wiggle skirts from Retro Revival and not least the iconic mini skirt from Grünten Mode !
We have a range of skirts all year round, in summer we have skirts in light, breathable materials such as cotton, viscose and rayon and in winter we have skirts in heavier materials such as velor, wool and velvet, which keep you warm while allowing the skin to breathe. Whether you're looking for a feminine skirt in a certain cut or from a certain decade, you can find it with us!

Styling your skirt in retro style

The great thing about skirts is that they can be styled in countless ways, with many different tops, shoes and accessories, so you can create really many different looks with the same skirt.
An A-line skirt in 1940s style goes well with a shirt or shirt blouse and a blazer with a lapel collar, and gives a formal look that can be worn for everyday and work. If you want to create a classic early 1940s look, you can for example wear the skirt with a shirt blouse with shoulder pads and 'pussy bow' tie, a blazer, nylon stockings with nails from What Katie Did and a pair of lace-up boots from Nordic Shoepeople . Complete your wartime pinup look with styled hair and makeup in dark shades.

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