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50's style petticoats at Mondo Kaos

At Mondo Kaos you will first of all find a large selection of retro and vintage inspired dresses. The vintage style naturally includes swing dresses and swing skirts in authentic 50s style.

Our swing dresses and swing skirts are all inspired by the vintage style and the 50s and especially by the feminine ideal of this time with an emphasis on a cut that shows the body in the most beautiful way. With a petticoat, you further emphasize the female form, with extra focus on the classic hourglass silhouette. A petticoat is thus the finishing touch when you want to style yourself in true vintage style.

What is a petticoat?

Petticoat really just means petticoat, but from the late 40s became synonymous with the specific type of petticoat associated with 50s swing dresses and swing skirts. The petticoat was given a renaissance by Christian Dior with his "New Look" collection  in 1947 and the accompanying dresses with full swing.  The full, stiffened tulle petticoats remained extremely popular in the 1950s and 1960s.

The petticoat gives extra fullness under your 50's style swing dress or swing skirt, and gives an authentic vintage look, whether it's for dancing or for a festive occasion.

How do I use my petticoat?

When you choose a petticoat for your swing dress , you get a real vintage look with a petticoat! The underskirt gives plenty of volume, so your dress struts in just the right vintage way. We carry petticoats in black, white and red. You can use them so that you only see the fullness and not the skirt itself, or you can choose to have the petticoat that sticks out a little. In the latter case, you can either choose to go tone-on-tone, or choose a contrasting colour. It looks, for example, looks super nice with a white petticoat under a black dress with white dots, or a black petticoat under a red vintage swing dress.

The petticoat is also perfect as the plunging petticoat for a vintage style wedding dress.

50's style Swing dresses for parties

At Mondo Kaos we have a wide selection of vintage and retro dresses. We carry lots of beautiful dresses in fantastic prints, and we always carry swing dresses and swing skirts both summer and winter. If you want to spice up your vintage style swing dress with a vintage petticoat, you can do it regardless of whether it is for a special event in the winter or for one of the summer parties.

As I said, the underskirt or petticoat is ideal under a vintage style wedding dress. If you have decided on a vintage style wedding dress for your big day, you should almost try how amazing it will look if you wear the strutting and festive petticoat under the swing dress. Your silhouette will be super feminine and will look wonderful on the dance floor.

Accessories for your vintage 50s swing look

When you style your 50s style swing look with a petticoat, you have already decided on a classic and festive vintage 50s look. You can emphasize this with many delicious details.

If you wear your petticoat under your swing skirt, take a look at our great selection of beautiful 50s style tops that will compliment your 50s look. We have, for example, beautiful off-shoulder and frilly tops, which will add something very special to your look.

We also have great sandals and peep toes that will be perfect and compliment the vintage style of your outfit. Common to our shoe brands is the wonderful fit, they are ultra comfortable and made to the highest standards.

Of course, we also always have a large selection of accessories in vintage style, so if you want to add a little extra 50s glamor to your look, you can always look at our accessories. Please note that we often have more accessories in the store than online. For example, you can see our beautiful hair flowers, bracelets and earrings, all of which will help to give your swing look a little extra vintage flair.

See our selection of petticoats in our store in Copenhagen

You can look here at our webshop and see what we have to offer in terms of petticoats, but if you have the opportunity to drop by our store in Copenhagen, we would recommend that you do so, so that you can see our wonderful vintage style range.

We will be happy to welcome you and give you guidance and tips for your very personal vintage look.