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Vintage sweater - Cardigans and knitwear in retro and vintage style

A feminine vintage cardigan or knit blouse is perfect for changing an outfit in an instant while being an essential piece of clothing here in our Nordic climate, with capricious summers and cold winters and off-seasons.

Mondo Kaos has therefore specialized in a very good selection of feminine vintage sweaters, including knitwear and cardigans in retro and vintage style, inspired by the fashion of the 1940s and 1950s .

We have chosen to focus on a few brands in relation to the sweaters and vintage cardigans we carry, on the other hand these brands are of the highest quality and the inspiration is always taken from vintage patterns, old pictures and vintage knitting patterns.

We have many different types of vintage knitwear in Mondo Kaos , but what they all have in common is that they are feminine and suitable for all our high-waisted vintage skirts , dresses and trousers and of course emphasize the waist with their short cut.

The quality is always top notch, whether it is the finest wool, which is made not to fluff or scratch, or soft comfortable cotton. Most of our vintage cardigans and knitwear are made in the EU by small producers in close collaboration with the brands in question. In this way, you are sure to get a cardigan, sweater or vintage sweater of the highest quality, which keeps both shape and style year after year, just like a real vintage cardigan. We also have our vintage knitwear in plus size .

We carry many different types of vintage and retro sweaters or knitwear, so there is something for everyone. However, we always have most of the warm vintage knitwear in the off-season and in winter, as we are a small shop with limited storage space.

We carry vintage sweaters from the brands Emmy Design, Palava and The House of Foxy

Retro sweater and cardigan from Emmy Design

Emmy Design is a Swedish brand from 2010 which focuses on knitwear in a vintage style, especially with inspiration from the 1940s. In Mondo Kaos there are three things we know work for everyone and one of them is Emmy Designs cardigans.

Here at Mondo Kaos, we have run Emmy Design since 2011.

Most of Emmy's vintage cardigans are knitted in 100% merino wool - The advantage of wool is that it is warm and breathable, and it stays fresh for a long time, which means you can cut down on the frequency of washing. Wool can be itchy on some, but Emmy has solved this problem by mercerizing the wool. This process makes the wool very soft and also gives the surface a slight shine.

The bestseller The Ice Skater cardigan - vintage sweater in 100% wool

The Ice Skater cardigan has slightly full shoulders, a V-shaped neckline and horizontal cable knit that ends at the waist. The short shape makes this great vintage sweater look simple and elegant, and it's one of our most popular styles among all the clothes in the store because it goes perfectly with everything.

Peggy Sue vintage cardigan from Emmy Design

Peggy Sue is a regular part of the spring/summer collection from Emmy Design, as it is in a lighter vintage knit in 100% merino wool with a hole pattern. It is the perfect cardigan to wear on cool summer evenings, or it can be used instead of a jacket. Of course, it still has the wonderful retro fit, which is perfect, for example, for summer dresses or a swing skirt.

Vintage sweater from Susie Q

The Susie Q cardigan is for those who, despite Emmy's soft wool, would rather have a vintage sweater/cardigan in quality cotton. It is part of the spring/summer collection. Of course, like Emmy's other cardigans, Susie Q also has the signature silhouette in waist length, and slight pouf at the shoulders, it also has a beautiful hole pattern. This vintage cardigan is in a beautiful hypoallergenic cotton blend consisting of 50% cotton and 50% modal.

The Delightful Daytime vintage cardigan

Is a light and versatile 100% wool cardigan, it is beautiful all year round, in summer to wear on cool evenings and as a blouse with a pair of jeans in winter.

Summertime blues vintage knit

This vintage knit cardigan is short sleeved and has cute details such as a contrasting bow pattern at the hem and the fine graphic knit pattern. Summertime Blues is also distinguished by having less puff in the sleeves than Emmy's other cardigans. It is made of thick 100% merino wool and is beautiful for both dresses and wide sailor trousers.

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Cardigans and retro sweaters from The House of Foxy

From House of Foxy comes one of our absolute bestseller dresses, the Ava dress. But The House of Foxy is of course also able to supply super delicious and beautiful vintage-style knitted sweaters, which are the perfect companions for our vintage skirts and trousers. The inspiration comes from real vintage patterns from the 1940s.

The House of Foxy cardigan

The cardigan from House of Foxy is a low-rise, cable-knit cardigan with a high, round neckline and three-quarter-length sleeves. The waist-cut cut defines the waist and makes the cardigan perfect for your high-waisted vintage dresses and outfits! It is made of a soft wool blend, 50% wool and 50% acrylic, which keeps you warm both in winter and on cool Danish summer nights. It is a beautiful cardigan, which often comes in new season-specific colours.

The House of Foxy vintage sweater

The 'Homebird' sweater from House of Foxy is a beautiful vintage sweater in a feminine vintage style. It has a high, round neckline with cable knit at the top, and naturally ends at the waist. It has long sleeves and comes in House of Foxy's signature wool mix in beautiful colours. A real autumn and winter must-have.

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Vintage cardigans from Palava

We also carry vintage knitwear and cardigans from Palava.

They are characterized by their beautiful vintage novelty patterns, and we rarely have them for long at a time, as they are a huge hit with our customers. In addition, all their knitted sweaters and cardigans are made of certified organic cotton in Turkey, where they are also manufactured.
Palava's cardigans are, like the others, short-waisted, but slightly longer than both Emmy and House of Foxy, so good for you who have a slightly longer torso, or just prefer this shape. Palava's cardigans are always colorful, and always in the most beautiful high-quality cotton.

Novelty cardigan from Palava

Palava's novelty cardigan always has embroidery of beautiful animals and figures, and they always capture something very special about the creature they portray. In addition, there is the beautiful color combination, which shows how much Palava cares for their design.

Geometrically patterned cardigans and knitwear

We also carry Palava's knitted blouses and cardigans with the beautiful geometric shapes, such as zig-zag and harlequin check. They are always a colorful feature and come in both long- and short-sleeved blouses. These blouses are perfect for all seasons and, as with the novelty blouses, always worth keeping an eye on.

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More vintage cardigans in the store in Copenhagen

In addition, we carry various knitwear in the store which we think is suitable for a classic, feminine vintage wardrobe. Some of the jerseys are one of the few things that can only be found in the physical store.

As we are constantly on the lookout for all the best in vintage knitwear and cardigans, we may of course add beautiful new knitwear, so keep an eye on the page and all our news. If necessary, sign up for our newsletter, so you are sure to never miss our news in vintage sweaters and knitwear.

See all our vintage-inspired knitwear, sweaters and cardigans in our store in Copenhagen

You can look here at our webshop and see what we offer of feminine vintage cardigans and other clothes, but if you have the opportunity to stop by our store in Copenhagen, we would recommend that you do so, so that you can see our full assortment of fantastic vintage knitwear. We will be happy to welcome you and give you guidance and show you all the beautiful knitting in classic, feminine vintage style.

Do you have any questions about our vintage sweaters, cardigans and knitwear?

At Mondo Kaos, our first priority is always happy customers. If you have any questions, whatsoever, about our range of vintage or retro sweaters, knitwear or other clothing, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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