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Beautiful sustainable tights from Swedish Stockings at Mondo Kaos

We are super happy to be able to introduce you to the wonderful quality stockings from Swedish Stockings.
On this page you will find everything from the brand Swedish Stockings. This means all the beautiful stockings, pantyhose and tights, in all kinds of thicknesses and deniers, in different colors and we even carry fishnet stockings, leopard stockings and support tights.
With their innovative techniques, Swedish Stockings helps to create new sustainable ways of producing tights, and the quality and appearance are top notch. Both parts are a priority because in Mondo Kaos, with all the beautiful dresses, we cannot do without beautiful and durable stockings.
At Mondo Kaos, we always have a wide selection of retro and vintage clothes. In particular, we love dresses and skirts in feminine vintage style, and that includes pantyhose, tights, of high and exquisite quality to match the many beautiful vintage style dresses.
A dress from Mondo Kaos can easily be styled from day to night with the right pair of tights. Start with plain black for everyday use, and switch to the seductive fishnet stockings if you're going out for dinner or on the town.

Sustainable tights of the highest quality

Swedish Stockings is a brand that specializes in producing stockings, tights and pantyhose from surplus production and plastic.
Normally, nylon stockings are produced in a rather environmentally damaging way using petrol, which produces high C02 emissions. Additionally, most nylon stockings break quickly as they are cheap to manufacture and are not made to last.
Tights usually consist of nylon and elastane, i.e. plastic materials. In order not to further burden the world with more plastic, Swedish Stocking has found different methods in which they produce tights from material that would otherwise go to waste.
Swedish Stockings thus uses fabric scraps from e.g. sportswear production, surplus scraps that normally go to waste. In addition, in their new 'innovation tights', Swedish Stockings uses PET bottles to produce their environmentally friendly tights.
All stockings from Swedish Stockings are made from either recycled fibers or natural fibers.

Italian quality - Swedish design

The nylon stockings are made in a 3D technique, which is a technique where the tights are made in a tube, which gives them optimal stretch and elasticity, and makes them both more durable and more comfortable to wear.
The choice of Italy for the production of the sustainable tights was based on several factors.
Firstly, Italy is a pioneering country when it comes to the production of fine stockings and underwear. But in addition, the producers of Swedish Stocking in Italy are very attentive to sustainability and employee welfare. The producers also support social initiatives.
In addition, the factory works hard so that nothing goes to waste. Surplus yarn is, for example, used to produce product samples. The factory is emission-free and it is powered by 36% solar energy and the remaining 64% by other 'green' energy.

Tights made of 76%-97% recycled material

All tights from Swedish Stockings consist of between 76% and 97% recycled material. The dyeing of the tights from Swedish Stocking recycles and cleans the water from the dyeing, and the colors are 100% vegan.

Lia, Lovisa and Stine - tights for everyday use

Are the black tights, the ones that are perfect for everyday use. Lia is in 100 denier ie. that they are powerful and opaque. They are good for the colder season and if you prefer tight tights. Lovisa is 50 denier so more sheer, i.e. more transparent. In addition, Lovisa is made from PET bottles, and is therefore also called 'Innovation tights'.
Last but not least, there are the cotton blend socks Stina, which are made from recycled fibers and organic cotton. They are of course perfect for the colder months of the year.

Irma & Nora support tights

Irma and Nora are Swedish Stocking's support tight. These 'support' tights are in 30 denier and 50 denier ie. semi-sheer, and they support beautifully from head to toe. If you want them less supportive, you must buy them a size larger, but otherwise all tights from Swedish Stockings fit your actual size. So if you are normally a medium, just buy medium and not extra large, because otherwise socks usually end up somewhere between the legs. They are quality socks all the way and the size fits!

Beautiful leopard and fishnet tights

If you want classic fishnet stockings, unique fishnet stockings or sexy leopard stockings, go for the models Elvira, which are the classic fishnet tights, Selma which has a wonderful unique hole pattern or Emma with the cool leopard look.
We also carry Olivia, which are navy stockings for those of you who prefer a bit of color to your look.

Hand in your old nylon stockings to Mondo Kaos and get 10% off new tights

Swedish Stockings is not alone in making your new tights as environmentally friendly as possible, they also want your old tights not to end up as plastic waste. That's why you can hand in your old nylon stockings to Mondo Kaos. We then make sure to send them on to Swedish Stockings, who use them to manufacture fiberglass tanks that are used in industry.
You can hand in 3 pairs of nylon stockings at Mondo Kaos and get 10% off your purchase of Swedish Stockings.

Swedish Stockings in the webshop and in the store

We generally have exactly the same vintage goods in the physical store as online in the webshop. But it can of course be great with guidance from our super knowledgeable staff. If you would like to see and feel Swedish Stockings in person, we can warmly recommend that you stop by Mondo Kaos in Nørrebro. Here, our staff is ready to guide you.

See all Swedish Stockings in our store in Copenhagen

In the store, we are ready to help you find the right vintage and retro clothes and accessories in a feminine retro style for you.

Do you have any further questions about our Swedish Stockings?

At Mondo Kaos, our first priority is always happy customers. If you have any questions, whatsoever, about our range, please do not hesitate to contact us.
You can always write your question to shop@mondokaos.dk, where we endeavor to respond within one working day.