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Vintage inspired wedding dresses

At Mondo Kaos you can find the perfect wedding dress in vintage style for your wedding. Whether you have chosen to say 'YES' at the town hall, in the church or on an exotic beach, no matter what, we are ready to help you find the right wedding dress for your big day.
The cut of our wedding dresses are all inspired by the vintage style and era from the 1940s , 1950s and 1960s , which are especially remembered and known for emphasizing the female form.
At Mondo Kaos, we have a very varied selection of vintage wedding dresses, both the summery feminine ones, the form-fitting pencil cut wedding dresses and the 'New Look' inspired wedding dresses with swing skirt. All of them have in common that they are designed to show the female body from its most beautiful side, and highlight your figure.
No matter what wedding you have in mind, the design of each and every one of our beautiful vintage wedding dresses is truly cherished. They all have a lot of small nuances and details that put the focus in the right places, and e.g. light drapes and fine cuts can make you feel comfortable in a tight-fitting dress regardless of body type.

High quality vintage wedding dresses.

The quality of our wedding dresses is of course top notch. The dresses are always produced from the best and finest materials, which means that they have a wonderful fit.
Of course, they also keep the shapes, mind you, without compromising when it comes to comfort. You should be able to feel comfortable as well as absolutely stunning when wearing one of our vintage wedding dresses on your wedding day.
Whether you are going to a vintage wedding or just want a beautiful wedding dress for feminine shapes, the dresses from Mondo Kaos are a good choice, as they create the desired shape, with beautiful materials and many sizes to choose from.

Vintage wedding dresses in 1950s swing cut.

Choose a wedding dress with a swing skirt if you are into a more romantic look and want extra focus on the waist, as well as plenty of room to let loose on the dance floor. Lace and small details give a feminine, romantic look, while a simpler design will give you a classic, timeless silhouette.
Wear it if necessary. with a bolero and petticoat for a wonderful retro look.
We know the swing dress especially from the 50s, when not least the film stars of the time made this feminine silhouette extremely popular.
The hourglass silhouette of our swing wedding dresses is perfect for a modern, romantic wedding. It is characterized by a beautiful neckline, it fits at the waist and the skirt is round cut and goes to just below the knee. The dresses have very full skirts that can be made even more voluminous with the help of a petticoat. It gives a fantastic feminine silhouette and focuses on the waist.

Vintage wedding dresses in a fitted pencil cut.

Choose a pencil wedding dress if you are looking for a more distinct and body-hugging look. A pencil dress will make you look like a millionaire and feel extra special on your wedding day.
Wear it with a bolero over it and with high heels to focus on the figure, or with flat feminine shoes to add a more classic look to the sexy dress.
The other famous cut from the 1950s is the narrow, body-hugging pencil dress or so-called pencil dress.
The pencil dress sits above the bust and is waisted, then goes in a straight line to about the knee without excess fabric. It creates a fantastic silhouette that frames the body in the most beautiful way.
The original pencil dresses did not have stretch so they were provided with a small slit at the back so that it was possible to move in them. Some models were made without slits, and these became known as 'wiggle' models, because you invariably had to wiggle when you moved elegantly in such a tight-fitting outfit!
Fortunately, at Mondo Kaos we offer pencil and wiggle dresses with stretch and slits, in this way we get the beautiful figure from the vintage design without compromising on modern comfort.
We carry lots of beautiful dresses that are fantastic for the bridesmaids.

Accessories for your retro wedding dress.

Match your wedding dress with a pair of studded stockings from What Katie Did , fine heeled shoes or flat vintage-inspired shoes from Australian Charlie Stone .

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As we are not a dedicated bridal shop, and there must be room for the other customers in the shop, we ask that you only bring a single friend, your mother or whoever you would like to share your experience with. You can book an appointment for personal shopping with great advantage. That way, we know there is plenty of time to help you, and you can also easily bring a friend along for guidance. Alternatively can you come down to the shop before 1pm, as the shop is usually least busy at this time.

You are also welcome to refrain from wearing make-up when trying on wedding dresses, as the white fabric is particularly sensitive to stains.

We also point out that not all dresses can be re-ordered, so if you are only getting married next year and after that, we cannot promise that the dress will be there by then. That's why it makes the best sense to try on wedding dresses in Mondo Kaos when you're ready to find 'the one it's supposed to be' so that you're sure to get the one you fall in love with.


Do you have any questions about our wedding dresses?

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