Emmy Design - Svensk strik i Vintage stil 🌸

Emmy Design - Swedish knitwear in Vintage style 🌸

At Mondo Kaos, there are some things we just know work for everyone! One of them is Emmy Designs cardigans. Even those who aren't into cardigans will be when they put them on. At Mondo Kaos, we love their timelessly beautiful designs and high quality, which goes perfectly with our selection of high-waisted retro inspired dresses, jeans, pants and skirts. Furthermore, we are the only ones carrying Emmy's stylish designs in Copenhagen, and we love their fit and inclusive view on bodies and sizes. And not least their focus on sustainable manufacturing without overproduction.

Who is Emmy?

Emmy Nilsson graduated from Copenhagen School of Fashion and Design in 2008 and after two years as a freelance designer, she started the brand Emmy Design. She created Emmy Design out of a desire to create something that combined her interest in history and vintage clothing with her skills as a designer. Like many of our brands, Emmy started her collection with a dislike of high-street fashion and a love of vintage clothing. But Emmy found it difficult to buy clothes for herself that fit well, were practical and worked for everyday use - especially in the cold Swedish climate.

The Peggy Sue cardigan in purple from Emmy Design

About Emmy Design

In 2010, Emmy Design was founded as a brand that designs and produces feminine clothing in retro and vintage style, especially inspired by the time and fashion of the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. Emmy started the business on her own and in 2015, her sister, Lisa, became a partner in the company. Lisa has a master's degree in business administration, so it was natural for Emmy to ask her if she wanted to be part of the business. Lisa said yes, and since then the two sisters from Småland have continued to develop Emmy Design together. Today, Emmy Design is available in 12 countries in addition to Sweden, and even as far away as the USA and Australia. Over 50 European retro and vintage stores now carry Emmy Design, and we can see why! In fact, here at Mondo Kaos, we're a little proud to have had Emmy Design since 2011 and to carry the brand exclusively in Copenhagen.

Emmy Design's knitwear is always produced in limited quantities in a small factory in Morocco, and the rest of the clothing is made in a small factory in Lithuania. And of course, they work closely with these manufacturers to ensure the high quality we expect from Emmy Design.

Emmy Design is particularly known for their focus on fit, no matter what body type or size you are. Even though it's a small company, they make inclusive clothing in many sizes, including plus size! Emmy Design makes two collections a year, one for spring/summer and one for fall/winter. They do this out of a desire for high quality and care for the environment. They don't overproduce and work closely with the production sites to keep track of their products and designs and ensure that they remain at the top of their game. As part of their commitment to sustainability, it is extra important to Emmy that the clothes last season after season, and therefore both the workmanship is important, but also that the design is timeless.

Below we will describe the different models of cardigans that we carry from Emmy Design:

"The Ice Skater cardigan" - Emmy Design's signature cardigan in 100% wool

From the first glance, we fell in love with its amazing quality and classic, feminine cut. Today, all Emmy's cardigans are cut in the same way, which is why they are among our most popular styles in our Mondo Kaos range. It's especially great with our high-waisted retro and vintage dresses because it's designed with a special focus on the waist. The Ice Skater cardigan has slightly full shoulders, a V-neckline and horizontal cable knit that ends at the waist. The short shape makes the cardigan look simple and elegant, where most normal cardigans create a boxy figure that is unflattering for most women.

Many of us almost feel the itch when we hear the word "wool". However, this is not the case with the wool that Emmy's cardigans and other knitwear are made of. The wool is "mercerized" so that it doesn't itch and is more durable and can last for many years.

It's simply an amazing cardigan, and most fans don't settle for just one!

"Peggy Sue cardigan" from Emmy Design

The Ice Skater cardigan's counterpart is called Peggy Sue, and we have just received this cardigan in 7 beautiful colors. Peggy Sue is a lighter quality knit in 100% merino wool with a lace pattern. This is the perfect cardigan to wear on cool summer evenings, or it can be buttoned through and used as a sweater. Of course, it still has that lovely feminine fit, which is perfect for wearing over summer dresses, or with a skirt or pair of pants. The Pegge Sue cardigan is available in the spring/summer 2020 collection in the colors red, navy blue, green, cream, purple, dusty blue and lavender.

Peggy Sue cardigan in green from Emmy Design
Peggy Sue cardigan in cream from Emmy Design
Peggy Sue cardigan in nawvy blue from Emmy Design
Peggy Sue cardigan in red from Emmy Design
Peggy Sue cardigan in light purple from Emmy Design
Beautiful purple Peggy Sue Cardigan from Emmy Design

"Suzie Q Cardigan" - An 'old' favorite returns

The Susie Q. cardigan is back in the spring/summer collection. Like Emmy's other cardigans, the Susie Q features the signature waist-length silhouette, a slight puff at the shoulders and a beautiful leaf pattern. The cardigan is made from a lovely hypoallergenic cotton blend consisting of 50% cotton and 50% modal. Modal fibers are very soft, drape beautifully and have a smooth shiny finish. Modal also shreds significantly less than cotton, which means that your cotton cardigan will look nice and new for a long time. Susie Q is available in coral & mustard yellow.

Suzie Q cardigan from Emmy Design in coral colored cotton mix

Suzie Q cardigan from Emmy Design in mustard yellow cotton mix

"The Delightful Daytime Cardigan - A new classic

The Delightful Daytime cardigan is here to stay and is now a staple in both the spring/summer and fall/winter collections. It's a lightweight and versatile cardigan in 100% wool. It's great all year round; in the summer to wear on cool summer evenings, and as a blouse with a pair of jeans, pants or skirt in the winter. It's perfect with a pretty summer dress, and it's even elegant enough to wear to summer parties. The Delightful Daytime cardigan is, like all Emmy Design cardigans, short with a focus on the waist.

The Delightful Daytime Cardigan will be in stock around April 10, 2020, but can be pre-ordered now.

The delightful daytime cardigan from Emmy Design in light blue
The delightful daytime cardigan from Emmy Design in black
The delightful daytime cardigan from Emmy Design in cream

Emmy's style is unmistakable and we hope you've been inspired to find your new favorite cardigan.

With love from Team Mondo Kaos

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