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Christmas mood in mondo chaos

We love Christmas at Mondo Kaos . In the dark time, we light candles, have fun and do all the things that make a dark and long winter brighter and more festive.

This year is not like the other years. 2020 suddenly turned into the year when parties were minimized and we had to be 'together separately'. That's why for many people Christmas will also look different, but that's exactly why we want to show you some coziness and of course some wonderful outfits to celebrate the Christmas days in, regardless of how few Christmas celebrations you're going to.

The girls in Mondo Kaos met for a small cozy Christmas gathering, dressed in their favorite Mondo Kaos outfits, to show you how they intend to have fun and Christmas this year.

Christmas gift guide in Mondo Kaos

As something special this year, we have created a Christmas gift guide that you can look at, both if you need inspiration for your own wish list, but also if you need gifts for the women in your family and in your life.

We have divided the Christmas gift guide into under DKK 500 and under DKK 1,000, so that you can be inspired within the budget you have set aside, and there are many gifts that will light up Christmas lights in all women's eyes.

Dressed up for Christmas - even if you are far away

Even though the celebrations are longer this year, and the Christmas parties and events that will take place will probably have fewer participants, you can still dress nicely. You might even get extra time to think about the perfect outfit, and you can try to be festive in new ways.

If, for example, you Facetime with family members and friends who live far away, you can invite them to Christmas fun over the screen and dress nicely anyway, and perhaps be ready with kleiner and mulled wine. It spreads the Christmas spirit, and everyone gets in a good mood because you show that you want to celebrate Christmas, even if it's in a different way.

Mondo Kaos vintage dresses

Vintage check for Christmas

Tartan, tartan, tartan, pepita, dear child has many names. Either way, plaid is a great way to dress up for a party. As plaid reminds one of warm fabrics and perhaps has a bit of nostalgia about it, they are perfect as dresses for Christmas events.

Checks are also a good choice if you are not too happy to go in strong colors and patterns, then checks can actually appear neutral. Carina is wearing the beautiful Hepburn dress from The Pretty Dress Company , in beautiful burgundy and gray and tartan checks. It's beautiful and flattering, and perfect for the winter months and is also a perfect dress for Christmas Eve if you want to be a little casually festive.

Plaid Hepburn swing dress
Vintage style shirt dress in red
Checkered swing dress

We also have the Hepburn dress in blue and green tartan checks, if you like more of the shades, the green is in beautiful harmony with fir decorations and Christmas tree.

Both Hepburn dresses can of course be worn both for fine everyday wear or for casual celebrations. To add a little extra party to the dresses, you can wear nice earrings, and maybe a longer necklace, and don't forget a really vintage red lipstick.

Zoe Vine Margot Pencil Dress
Hepburn checkered dress
1950s style top

Red dresses in vintage style for Christmas

Festive vintage sets

Pernille is dressed in a beautiful set with a red pencil skirt with a waterfall effect from The House of Foxy and the beautiful Unique Vintage off-shoulder top in 1950s style. The pencil skirt is an 'old familiar', a bestseller with a real vintage flair and it is super good, also for Christmas, where it is both festive and feminine. Together with the top, it emphasizes the soft and feminine with the fine frills and drapes.

Red vintage style pencil skirt with drape
Black 1950s style frill top
Blue vintage pencil dress

The set can easily be used both for Christmas and all year round, as it has the classic 1950s vibe. Of course, you can also benefit from both parts by styling them with other bottoms and tops and thus enjoy the set again and again.

Lea shirt dress in red from Daisy Dapper

The red dress for Christmas

Carina is completely red, in the warm burgundy Lea dress from Daisy Dapper. It is a beautiful shirt dress that is perfect for the holidays.

Style it with a small Christmas brooch or use the elbow-length sleeves to wear beautiful bracelets, such as those from Rock it Rosie , to make it extra Christmas-appropriate.

At the same time, you can use this beautiful vintage dress in everyday life with flat shoes and a beautiful Emmy cardigan over it.
We always have many beautiful red vintage dresses to choose from, both pencil dresses, shirt dresses , swing dresses and A-line dresses. Just ask us in the store or see the large selection online.

Gold and silver shoes for Christmas and New Year

If you want to be beautifully dressed, of course shoes also belong to a nice vintage Christmas look. As something new, we have the red vintage style 'heels' from Charlie Stone , the perfect shoes for Christmas.

If you think high heels are a bit much on Christmas Eve, we have the beautiful ballerinas Santorini in gold from Charlie Stone or beautiful pumps like Hallstatt in navy or black. We have the beautiful and festive high heels Amber Luxe from Miss L Fire in gold and silver, perfect for both Christmas and New Year. These shoes are the perfect finishing touch to your Christmas look.

Shoes in silver from Miss L Fire
High-heeled red shoes from Charlie Stone
Gold shoes from Miss L four

The unconventional Christmas dress

At Mondo Kaos we have lots of festive dresses, for Christmas and for other festive events, so of course we have dresses in red and dresses with glitter, absolutely perfect for Christmas. But if you are looking for other colors, we naturally have that too. Below you see Pernille in the beautiful pencil dress Margot by Zoe Vine in a beautiful midnight blue, which in its own way also captures Christmas.

Wear it with star earrings or a brooch on Christmas Eve itself or for a small Christmas gathering. The dress is fantastically beautiful with the nice silver shoes, which will really come into their own with the dark dress.
We have many other dresses in navy, for example the Ava one which is a really good offer. It's a dress we never get tired of.

blue pencil dress in vintage style

Come down to us and let us help you find your perfect Christmas dress or your Christmas set from Mondo Kaos.

We look forward to seeing you for a little Mondo Christmas atmosphere in Birkegade,

Christmas greetings,

Team Mondo Kaos ❤

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