Staycation – Vores guide til Nørrebro ❤️

Staycation – Our guide to Nørrebro ❤️

While a number of Copenhageners focus on vacationing in summer houses around the country, it may be that some of our customers from other parts of Denmark, (and perhaps abroad) during these Staycation times, may stop by the old capital.

That's why we thought to kill two birds with one stone, and both to strike a blow for our beautiful 'Hood' and to put together a small guide for what you can do in a day in Nørrebro.

Nørrebro is an incredibly mixed neighborhood, with both as many as 2 fashionable Michelin restaurants, and the city's best falafel/kebab. You can buy fresh fruit and vegetables at Camilla Plum's country store or at the local 'Turkish' grocer, who is guaranteed to have lived longer in Nørrebro than most. And also in terms of clothing, there is a wide selection, ranging from second-hand shops to the small individual and unique shops that particularly characterize Nørrebro. If you are looking for the big clothing chains, this is not it.

The diversity of Elmegade and Mondo Kaos in Birkegade.

"GRØD" in Birkegade.

If you are going to spend a day in Nørrebro, we would suggest that you also have breakfast here, as there is plenty to choose from, but we suggest that you start at GRØD. Although the concept has already existed for a while, GRØD in Birkegade, right opposite Mondo Kaos, has just opened. It is located on a corner with morning sun, and here porridge is not just porridge.

Mondo Kaos - A Retro Boutique

When you're done with breakfast, we think you should look down at us and say hello. We love to put a face to the many customers who order and buy our vintage clothes online, and whom we feel we know, even if we haven't seen you. Remember to say that you are a customer, if we know what you have ordered before, we might have a little idea if we should have received some very special vintage style clothes that you will love. In any case, we would really like to show you our wonderful shop with a large selection of retro and vintage style clothing.

Elmegade & Sankt Hans Torv

When you start in Birkegade/Elmegade you are simply in the heart of Nørrebro, Elmegade in itself is worth visiting and taking a closer look at all the small, beautiful shops. If you come from Nørrebrogade, you must of course go up towards Sankt Hans Torv. You can continue down Sankt Hans gade, where you must notice the beautifully painted house facade, which has looked like this for as long as I can remember, and I walked that way to school every day in the mid-1980s.

Ravnsborggade's antiques and the Lakes

The first cross street you come to is Ravnsborggade. Ravnsborggade is known for its high-quality antique shops, and here there is also a very special atmosphere that you can indulge yourself in. Afterwards, you can conveniently take a trip around the lakes. It is a very Copenhagen tradition. You can take different lengths; once up and down a single lake on the Nørrebro side, or all three all the way around, it's 6.35 km, but then you also reach within Frederiksberg, the inner city and Østerbro. It's a trip you'll probably have to save for another time if you want to continue along our little route.

Route66 - Vinyl on Fælledvej

And speaking of 'route', we wouldn't be Mondo Kaos if Stine hadn't just given you her personal secret tip for a wonderful little vinyl shop, namely Route 66. Past Ravnsborggade, the next side street to Nørrebrogade is called Fælledvej and there is Route 66 in No. 3.

Gold & Herb in Gartnergade

Continue along Nørrebrogade and always worth a visit is the combined goldsmith and skin care shop, Guld og Urt. Everything is made in Denmark by the two owners themselves. The skin care products are made from wild Danish herbs that Ria gathers herself. The shop is located in Gartnergade 18, to get there, you should take the road down Blågårdsgade, as it is another of Nørrebro's vibrant streets, and also home to the World Champions in falafel; Ahaaa... (yes, that's the name of the bike)

If you've had enough of asphalt for a little while, you may have to go up to the district's other breathing hole.

Assistant's cemetery

Assistens cemetery, or in popular parlance simply Assistensen. If you go there via Korsgade and Kapelvej, you just have to notice the gable painting at Kapelvej 27. It is by Hans Scherfig and has been there since 1962! Then the Assistance: sit on the grass between the graves and drink a brought water or beer. You can also see all the known grave sites if you like that sort of thing. HC Andersen is located here i.a. The assistance is an oasis in the middle of the big city, and you haven't really been to Nørrebro without feeling the atmosphere there.


If your feet are not yet too sore, we then recommend a trip down Jægersborggade, a third of the district's unique and intimate shopping streets, with lots of small unique shops and delicatessens. Here are i.a. Camilla Plums Landhandel, whose spice mixes are in a class of their own, and the Michelin-awarded restaurant Relæ.

Multicultural dinner - what to choose?

Mahalle – Lebanese cuisine

If the wallet is not equipped for Michelin menus, we recommend that you go as multicultural as Nørrebro itself. If not here, where? We have two recommendations... You can head back towards Blågårds plads where Ranee's Thai restaurant is located, with Thai food in a special class! The place is a perfect mix of Thai and "Nørrebrosk", and we promise it's very far from your usual Thai take-away. The second recommendation is Mahalle.

With Mahalle you have to go back to our part of the 'hood', you have to go to Birkegade where Mondo Kaos is located. It's practical if you didn't feel like lugging your favorite dress around all day, and can therefore buy it now. Or if you just can't forget your vintage dream outfit! That's it now, before we close at 6pm (on weekdays). Mahalle is Lebanese cuisine, and a really nice place with a good atmosphere. They also have both vegetarian and vegan food on the menu, almost a 'must' in Nørrebro today. We can definitely recommend their "Hummus Bel Lahme" as well as their Halloumi salad.

Please note that Mahalle in Birkegade closes at 20, on the other hand, their restaurant at Nørrebrogade 51 is open until 23.

Flatiron - Flapper drinks in Birkegade

Last but not least, the day must end Nørrebro style! And it wouldn't be Nørrebro if there wasn't a wonderful newly opened bar somewhere. And it's there too, and it's even right across from Mondo Kaos. You may have glimpsed it in the background of some of our model photos. It's called Flatiron, and is a bar just to our taste. It is inspired by Art Deco and serves cocktails in beautiful surroundings.

This is of course where you have to flash your new Mondo Kaos outfit.

We hope you have been inspired by our tips and favorite hot spots, and wish you a good holiday and a good day in Nørrebro.

Loving greetings,
Team Mondo Kaos ♥

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