Vintage stils julegaver - inspiration og julegave guide

Vintage style Christmas gifts - inspiration and Christmas gift guide

Christmas gifts in vintage style from mondo kaos

Christmas is just around the corner. We don't know about you, but in these times when you really need things to look forward to and be happy about, it's as if Christmas has a whole different status this year. Maybe we have better time too? Time for each other, time for presence, time to think old traditions into new paths.

In Mondo Kaos we decorate for Christmas and always look forward to Christmas and the Christmas shopping in December. But also for us this year it will be a different December, with the Christmas lunches cancelled, of course there are a little less sexy pencil Christmas lunch dresses and more dresses with more crazy and beautiful checks that are in focus. There are also, of course, the Christmas presents…

Christmas gifts for under DKK 500 and under DKK 1000

As something special this year, we have created two categories with gifts under DKK 500 and under DKK 1000 , because even though the clothes we sell in Mondo Kaos are made of the finest materials and in beautiful detailed cuts, you can easily find both clothes and accessories for under DKK 500 . In addition, you can easily share your 'wish list' from Mondo Kaos. We will describe this below.

The two categories are intended as inspiration and a helping hand for those who want to surprise or be surprised with a gift from Mondo Kaos on Christmas Eve. Those who want to be surprised can forward our entire category. If you want to have an overview of inspiration for gifts you are going to give yourself, you can appropriately look there for an ideal and unique gift idea, for the friend, mother or boyfriend, or whoever may have earned a wonderful gift from Mondo Kaos.

The two categories make it easy to find the ideal gift from our website, but of course we are also on hand in our store, where the staff are happy to show off and lend a helping hand with Christmas gift inspiration as well as shopping.


We love soft packages

Many of our vintage brands are carried exclusively in Mondo Kaos. Therefore, you are sure to give a unique Christmas present and not something that has been mass-produced, but is produced in small batches, and sold in very few places, and in some cases also completely exclusively with us.

In our under 500 DKK category , we have really wonderful things that you can either give alone or as a little extra or even as great Advent gifts. We have just received the sustainable pantyhose brand Swedish Stockings , and we think they are the best stockings! Of course, we have them in plain black and many thicknesses for every occasion, but we also have both fishnet stockings and leopard stockings if you want to have a little more fun. We also have the sturdy and well-fitting alpine hats from Diefenthal in various colours, and in addition there are shirts from The Seamstress of Bloomsbury and their lovely skirts and the lovely retro-style t-shirts from Mischief Made .

If you are looking for a small gift, or perhaps some accessories or an Advent gift, we have the beautiful and lifelike hair flowers, and we have chiffon scarves and brooches (but only in the store) and the beautiful Rock it Rosie accessories .

Classic alpine hat in wool
Bloomsbury shirt with polka dots
Retro style gold colored hoop earrings

A vintage-style dress as a Christmas present - can you do it?

Of course! Is our answer. It's a super nice and very personal gift, because who doesn't love a beautiful dress ? And in fact, we have a few best-sellers that are really easy to find the right size in, so that the recipient of the beautiful Christmas present will immediately be able to jump into his new beautiful Christmas present.
Whether you want a beautiful dress from Mondo Kaos or want to give one as a Christmas present, there is plenty to choose from. For example, you can choose the dresses that we know are beautiful on everyone and are therefore among our absolute best-sellers, they always come in new colors and designs and are therefore unique. This applies, among other things, to for the Ava and Vera model from The House of Foxy , which is a fantastic gift whether you are the happy giver or the lucky recipient.

Red A-line dress in vintage style from The House of Foxy
Wrap dress from The Seamstress of Bloomsbury with dots
Vintage style shirt dress in red from Very Cherry

Beautiful Christmas gift dresses in vintage style under DKK 1000

We also have a number of beautiful dresses that are in the category just under 1000 kroner , for example the wonderfully flattering shirt dress from Very Cherry or the sexy pencil dress Tegan from The Pretty Dress Company . There is also the beautiful wrap dress from Bloomsbury, which is a sure winner here in the store. In fact, all of these are some of our best-selling dresses, and they're super flattering on pretty much everyone.

Emmy cardigans – a soft gift for her

If you are not sure of finding a dress , skirt or trousers that fits, for example we always have beautiful knitwear and warm cardigans that everyone would love to get as a Christmas present. These jumpers are always cut to the waist so they are feminine and go great with our vintage style skirts and trousers.

Everyone loves Emmy! We guarantee that you won't go wrong in the city with a cardigan from Emmy Design . This is the gift that keeps on giving, we promise. Cardigans from Emmy Design are of excellent quality and design in many colors (if you are quick enough, because they go like the legendary hot bread). The Delightful Daytime cardigan costs DKK 949 and Emmy's classic 'The Ice Skater' costs DKK 1099. These are a fantastic gift and the quality is really exquisite, no fluff and they are particularly soft which is why they are also very sought after.

An exclusive vintage shirt – the Christmas present for your boyfriend or girlfriend?

We have a number of beautiful shirts that cost between DKK 500-700 We have the feminine Estelle shirt from Heart of Haute in many colors and patterns, which is just as beautiful in spring as in winter, where it can easily be worn with a cardigan over it. The Estelle shirt is characterized by the beautiful pussy bow, tie, on the front, which makes it the ideal gift. In addition, we have many different shirts in the finest vintage quality, including from The House of Foxy and The Seamstress of Bloomsbury.

Vintage style shirt with flowers from The House of Foxy
Estelle shirt with bow tie pussy bow in purple
Jive shirt in vintage style with floral print

Give a gift set from Mondo Kaos to the woman in your life

A gift box from Mondo Kaos

If you want to put together a small (or large) gift set for the woman in your life, we are ready with advice and guidance. This year, we have also collected some wonderful gift sets for inspiration , where you receive a little extra goodies in the package in classic gift set fashion. The gift sets cost NOK 240 (value up to NOK 279), NOK 600 (value NOK 738) NOK 1000 (value NOK 1238).

Christmas package for DKK 600 including gift card
Christmas gift package 3 for DKK 240
Gift package 1 to DKK 1000

Create your own gift set

Of course, we also provide guidance if you want to put together your own gift set. If you prefer a cardigan, we can, for example, add matching bracelets and earrings. If you like a skirt, you can complement it with fine stockings from What Katie Did or leopard stockings from Swedish Stockings . The beautiful gloves from Rhanders Handsker in soft leather can be advantageously given together with the beautiful berets from Diefenthal .

Sustainable leopard tights from Swedish Stockings
Beautiful retro bracelet in red
Stockings with nails from What Katie Did

Gift card from Mondo Kaos as a Christmas present

Aren'tgift cards boring or impersonal? We don't think so, and certainly not in Mondo Kaos, where many of our customers want to know that the service they receive is part of the package. This means that a gift card at Mondo Kaos is not just a gift card but an experience.

We also offer personal shopping, so you can always combine the two for a wonderful pampering day with personalized Christmas gift shopping.

When you give a gift card as a Christmas present, you are giving a small package of experiences. Remember, you can always add more to the gift card, or a personal promise to make a special day out of it, with a cafe visit or something else on the day the gift card must be redeemed.

Christmas gifts from Mondo Kaos


At Mondo Kaos, everyone has the opportunity to make a wish list where they can save everything they want as a Christmas present, then they can share the list with all those who need inspiration to find the perfect Christmas present.


Next to each product is 'add to my wishlist'. When you press the heart it changes to 'remove from wishlist', i.e. that the product is now on your wish list.


To find your wish list, go to 'My Account' at the top right. If you do not already have an account with us, you must create one.


Once you have created an account, you can find your wish list by clicking on the heart at the top right. You then have the option to share your wish list with whomever you want, either as a link, on Facebook or via email.

Come down to the store and get in the right Christmas spirit and let us help you find inspiration for all your Christmas gifts. We look forward to seeing you.

Merry Christmas greetings,

Team Mondo Kaos ♥

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