Team Mondo Kaos' Ønskeliste til Julen 2019 ❤️

Team Mondo's Wish List for Christmas 2019 ❤️

It's true, it's true, it's December! Christmas is just around the corner, and in the store we're getting ready too - both to give gifts to our loved ones and to be pampered and surprised by those who love us! It can be hard to think of gifts, whether we're talking about the gift itself or how much it costs or whether you're the giver or receiver of it, and that's why we asked all the lovely women in Team Mondo Kaos what items from the store are on their Christmas wish list this year, so hopefully you can find a lovely Christmas gift for someone you love or for yourself, with us!

In this blog post, we'll tell you what our lovely Team Mondo Ladies have on their wish list for Christmas 2019, based on our beautiful retro and vintage goodies:

Boss Lady Ditte's wishes for Christmas 2019

Ditte, who lives in Los Angeles, has already started Christmas and had her Christmas gift wishes sent over.

Despite the weather not quite ready for winter wardrobe yet in LA, Ditte has jumped in to show off some of her early Christmas gifts from Mondo Kaos.

Fitted dress with elbow-length sleeves from Uniquer Vintage.

Ditte chose the classic high collar pencil dress from Unique Vintage as it's a super versatile dress that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. It's stretchy and has a slit at the back, so it's perfect for daily bike rides (the dress will be in store next week (week 51).

Americana jacket from House of Foxy.

The second item on Dittes list is the Americana jacket from The House Of Foxy. It's in a wool mix, is lined and has a really nice and feminine cut. Ditte is more of a "jeans girl" and together with a pair of tight jeans from Lady K Loves, the jacket gets a slightly more raw look. The jacket is already a favorite!

It's a rare sight to see Ditte without a pair of hoops or bracelets and these are a few of her favorites. A lot of new earrings and bracelets from Rock It Rosie will be arriving next week (week 51).

Frida Boots from Miss L Fire.

A must-have on Ditte's list was the beautiful Frida boots in brown suede from Miss L Fire .

Ditte was unfortunate enough to break her foot a couple of years ago, so it's important to her that shoes and boots have a comfortable sole and fit well on the foot. And Ditte has reported back that they do!

Shop Manger Stine's wishes for Christmas 2019

Americana jacket from House of Foxy.

Stine also loves the new Americana jacket from The House of Foxy, because of its angular silhouette and cropped cut, which fits perfectly into Stine's raw 60s inspired wardrobe. Whether Stine is wearing a t-shirt and mini skirt set or a simple A-line dress, this jacket fits the bill, which is why it's at the top of her wish list!

Americana jacket from The House Of Foxy

Ice Skater cardigan in burgundy from Emmy Design.

The Ice Skater cardigan from Emmy Design has been one of Stine's favorites since we first got it in the store! She loves the soft wool and the waist-cutting cut, and she has it in a myriad of colors. She doesn't have it in dark red/burgundy though, so it had to go on her wish list this year!

Betty A-line dress in black from The House of Foxy.

Stine also wants the new Betty dress from The House of Foxy for Christmas. The Betty dress is designed in collaboration with Mondo Kaos and Stine loves the beautiful sweetheart neckline, which accentuates her bosom, collarbone and neck beautifully!

The fourth wish on Stine's list is the red glitter dress from Marmalade. She thinks it's a real 60s dance dress that looks like a dress that Motown group The Supremes could have performed in back in the 60s!

Amber in rose sparkle from Miss L Fire.

Stine wants the beautiful Amber shoes from Miss L Fire in the new rose gold color with glitter for Christmas. One of Stine's favorite models is the Amber shoe because they have a fantastic fit, and when she saw the new color, they immediately went on her wish list!

Kirstine's wishes for Christmas 2019

Amber shoes in gold from Miss L Fire.

Kirstine wants the beautiful Amber gold shoes from Miss L Fire for Christmas. Kirstine also loves the Amber model and thinks that the gold color is the perfect New Year's shoes that even matches the gold dress from Marmalade, which she also wants for Christmas! In addition, Kirstine would also use the gold shoes to spice up her everyday life - we can just imagine Kirstine in a classic vintage-inspired outfit with a feminine shirt blouse, black pencil skirt and then the beautiful gold shoes as a contrast to the black and white!

The Emma dress in green from Daisy Dapper.

Kirstine wants the new Emma dress from Daisy Dapper because she thinks it's the perfect office dress - it reminds her of the sophisticated office manager 'Joan Holloway' from the TV series Mad Men, a character who became particularly famous for her amazing outfits!

Red long gloves from Rhanders Gloves.

The long leather gloves from Rhanders Gloves are on Kirstine's wish list because she thinks they are a must-have in every retro and vintage-loving woman's wardrobe and because they can be worn for many winters to come! Long gloves are elegant with almost any outfit, and red is just a great color that really brightens up the winter darkness!

Glitter dress in gold from Marmalade.

On Kirstine's wish list we also find the amazing gold glitter dress from Marmalade, because she thinks it's the ultimate party dress that exudes the 60s! The beautiful cocktail dress can be worn for any festive occasion that you think needs that extra sparkle and can be styled in a myriad of ways! If Kirstine gets the glitter dress for Christmas, she will style it with Marilyn curls, statement necklace and earrings, champagne socks and gold shoes from Miss L Fire!

Line's wishes for Christmas 2019

Frida shoes in burgundy wrinckle patent from Nordic ShoePeople.

The beautiful Frida shoes from Nordic ShoePeople are on Line's wish list because they have the, and we quote, "BEST sole ever!".

Line has, in her own words, very square feet and she swears she has found the shoe of her dreams!

Hepburn swing dress in forest green from The Pretty Dress Company. Also on Line's wish list is the elegant Hepburn dress from The Pretty Dress Company. Line thinks the swing in the skirt is amazing, especially with a petticoat underneath, and she also loves that the dress has pockets! The dark blue color also compliments her hair and highlights her eyes!

Swing skirt in red from Daisy Dapper.
Line owns many swing skirts, but not yet one in red, and now that we're approaching the sweet Christmas season, she's fallen in love with this new 50s inspired skirt from Daisy Dapper! We can just imagine Line dancing around the Christmas tree with her family in this beautiful skirt and a feminine retro blouse

Wrap dress in dark red with polka dots from Bloomsbury.

The last wish on Line's list is one of our bestselling dresses, the classic wrap dress from The Seamstress of Bloomsbury! Line thinks it's the best dress for when you're on the go and the most beautiful "dressing gown" you can imagine - just wrap the dress around yourself and let your hair down and you're ready for the day! Line already has it in a few different colors, but as she says, there's something about the color red, and Christmas is coming!

Cecilie's wishes for Christmas 2019

Betty A-line dress in black from The House of Foxy.

The first wish on Cecilie's list is our beautiful Betty dress from The House of Foxy, one of our most popular dresses. Cecilie wants the dress because she loves its form-fitting cut, which she thinks can be worn all year round and for all occasions! A black dress is a wardrobe must-have, and depending on how you style the black Betty dress, you can wear it as a cocktail dress or an everyday dress with a hint of retro style!

Swing skirt with suspenders in black from Unique Vintage.

Cecilie also wants the new Unique Vintage skirt with suspenders. She is head over heels for it because it gives a classic early 60s look that evokes France, Brigitte Bardot and romantic walks through the streets of Paris!

Luiza cocktail dress in brown houndstooth from Stop Staring!

The beautiful new cocktail dress from Stop Staring ! is on Cecilie's wish list because she thinks the removable leopard collar is really cute and because it gives two completely different looks - so it's almost like two dresses in one! Plus, she thinks the cut is really pretty and creates a classic hourglass silhouette!

Ginger pencil dress in dark brown from The House of Foxy.

The fourth Christmas wish on Cecilie's list is our beautiful new dress from The House of Foxy. Cecilie thinks the chocolate brown color is absolutely stunning, and she almost feels like the dress melts down on her when she puts it on because it's made of such a really nice material. She also loves the classic silhouette of the dress, which is tight from head to knee, and the amazing art deco lines that help to create even more shape!

Amber shoes in black from Miss L Fire. Cecilie is not used to wearing high heels and rarely does so, but after trying on the amazing Amber shoes from Miss L Fire, she has started to consider whether it's time to change that. She thinks Amber is super comfortable to wear and to walk in, and she loves the design, which she thinks is classic and timeless and goes with all outfits and looks, which is why the beautiful shoes are on Cecilie's wish list this year!

Karla's wishes for Christmas 2019

The dark green glitter lurex dress from Pretty Dress Company.

Karla wants this stunning cocktail dress from The Pretty Dress Company, which she is in love with because the green color has a slight blue hue when the light hits it. If she's lucky enough to get this beautiful dress for Christmas, she'll wear it for New Year's Eve, where she'll wear it with seamed stockings, red shoes, red nails and lipstick, glittery jewelry and a Hollywood Waves hairstyle!

The new Bloomsbury shirt blouse in cream.

Karla has been looking for a feminine, bust-hugging, non-cotton shirt blouse for a long time, so she was very excited when we got this new vintage shirt blouse from The Seamstress of Bloomsbury in the store. Karla thinks the shirt has really nice details and a formal design that makes it suitable for many different retro looks, both for everyday and party wear!

Amber shoes in ruby red from Miss L'Fire.

Like most people, Karla loves our shoes from Miss L'Fire and she wants the red Amber shoes for Christmas this year because they remind her of the fairy tale 'The Red Shoes' by Hans Christian Andersen, which was one of her favorite fairy tales as a child!

The beautiful pencil skirt from House of Foxy with faux sarong effect in dark red.

One of Karla's favorite skirts in the store is the beautiful 'waterfall' skirt from The House of Foxy. She loves it because it gives her a slim silhouette while still having room to move due to the sarong effect, which is why she also wants it in the new beautiful dark red color, which she thinks goes perfectly with the winter colors!

Seamed socks from What Katie Did.

Karla thinks that seamed socks can always add that 'something extra' to an outfit, whether it's for parties or everyday wear. She also tells us that she's heard that seamed socks lengthen legs and that because she doesn't have the longest legs, she likes to create the illusion that she does - which is why retro seamed socks from What Katie Did are always on Karla's wish list!

That's the entire Team Mondo Kaos wish list, with requests from the store's own range of retro and vintage-inspired clothing and shoes! We hope you've been inspired to add a wish or two to your own wish list - or that you've found the perfect gift for your girlfriend, wife, friend, colleague or classmate!

Warm Christmas greetings,

Team Mondo Kaos

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