Kundeaften i Mondo Kaos - Forår 2019 🌸

Mondo Kaos Customer Night - Spring 2019 🌸

On Thursday, March 14th, we held our very first Customer Night event at Mondo Kaos - and what an amazing evening and experience!

We started preparing for the event by selecting specific styles for our participating Mondo Ladies, which we offered at a special discount on the night! Stine pulled out the raffle drum and selected several exciting prizes to be drawn in the middle of the evening.

Finally, the day arrived and at around 6:30 in the evening, 30 excited women arrived at the arrived at the store. They were all welcomed with a "Mondo Kaos Goodie Bag" and raffle tickets.

From there, we could all look forward to a great evening of dress fittings, raffles and lots of good conversations with new acquaintances with a common interest in beautiful dresses and the retro/vintage universe!

We chatted in the queue for the fitting room...

...and tried on beautiful dresses.

For some of the women, it was their first time in Mondo Kaos, while others were known customers.

Among the familiar customers, we found Sabine, who told us that she decided to participate, because she loves the store and because she knew that it was the first time we were holding such an event event and was curious to see what the evening would bring.

One of our first-time visitors was Zenia, who had been invited by her sister - and they had brought their beautiful mother along! Zenia told us that both she, her mother and sister have a passion for the retro and vintage universe, and when we asked the three women what words they associate with the type of clothes they saw in Mondo Kaos, they particularly emphasized the words: femininity, body positivity and diversity - three words we are both are both happy and proud to be associated with.

Thank you to all the wonderful women who attended our very first Customer Night at Mondo Kaos and were instrumental in making the evening such a great success - despite the slightly limited mobility ;-)

We are very much looking forward to our next Customer Night and we already have lots of great ideas for new exciting events!

With love, Team Mondo Ladies ❤️

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