Kundeportrætter i Mondo Kaos ❤️

Customer portraits in Mondo Kaos ❤️

It's no secret that Mondo Kaos has the best customers. With your help, we can together spread the good news about reclaiming our femininity and loving ourselves as we are.

Therefore, we have decided to make some customer portraits to give a better insight into who our customers are, and thereby show how different we all are.

We start with two of our customers, Birgitte and Christina, who talk about their experiences as customers at Mondo Kaos, about their style, and give some advice to all of you. Read along and be inspired by these two beautiful women.

Name: Birgitte

Age: 60 years

Occupation: Operations nurse

I am one of the nurses who currently have been sent home from the private hospital where I am otherwise employed. Not because I am affected by corona, but because our equipment must be available for the region.

Stop staring trillion dollar red fitted pencil dress

My husband has also been sent home, so we get time to do a lot of practical things, but also have fun with puzzles, baking, movies and trying out new food recipes.
We remember making romantic dinners, where we dress nicely and have candelabra on the table, good music and maybe dance a tango in the living room.

I first got my attention on the 1950s style via your Facebook page, but never quite had the courage until I met my husband 4 1/2 years ago. He is my great source of inspiration, and supports me in "leaping out to be myself".
I love the style and quality that you get at Mondo Kaos. There are always new things happening on the website, it's super easy and fast to shop here, every package you get always comes with a personal greeting. It almost feels like having a personal shopper.

And soon I have been to the physical store so many times that Stine knows for sure whether I have now also chosen the right size when I shop online. Stine remembers her customers. It makes it all very personal and present.

Dolores 50s dress with swing skirt from Unique Vintage

Birgitte in 50's style swing dress from Unique Vintage & Amber pumps from Miss L Fire .

Wide leg trousers from The House Of Foxy

Birgitte in a lace shirt from Very Cherr y, wide leg trousers from The House Of Foxy & pumps from Miss L Fire .

Birgitte in shirt from Seamstress Of Bloomsbury , trousers from The House Of Foxy , cardigan from Palava and Amber pumps from Miss L Fire .

If I had to give three styling tips, it would be:

1. Do what you can with the small details / accessories / the hair, so that you get a complete style. It really doesn't take that much to change the whole look.

2. Diligence. Make time for it. Prioritize it in your everyday life.
Everyone likes a woman who has made something of herself.

3. Elisabeth Arden has said:

"There are no ugly women, only lazy" ... and it's so true, so true.❤️

Name: Christina Mai
Age: 45 years
Occupation: Singer, music teacher and idea developer.

What are you up to?
Apart from the fact that I currently teach online due to the pandemic, so I write an article about the elective in music as an exam subject, and otherwise try to fill the days with meditation, yoga, dance, flexibility, good online talks/audiobooks and spending time with my daughter and my boyfriend.

1950s style dress from Mondo Kaos

Where do you get your inspiration for your particular style?

I get inspiration from movies, SoMe, old magazines, vintage shops, my girlfriend, the burlesque world and of course from Mondo Kao's blog.

What is it about Mondo Kaos that makes you shop with us?
I love the style, as I think I'm comfortable with the expression and I'm quite a big fan of the selection in the store. Especially brands like: Seamstress of Bloomsbury , Emmy Design , House of Foxy , Daisy Dapper and Miss Candyfloss .

I also love that I feel a close relationship with the wonderful Mondo Ladies who work in the store. It's a bit like they are my clothing family. In particular, Stine O. has helped me choose clothes for a performance, and Kirstine and the other women are also always nice and ready with an honest comment. Because here you will never be tied to anything on your sleeve. Instead, you get the women's extremely competent and honest opinion about how the clothes fit you. So you will always leave the store with clothes that suit you.

My first piece of repro clothing that I bought from Mondo Kaos was actually a black halter neck suit from Miss Candyfloss . I later rocked it with a red belt to many fun parties and an appearance on TV.

About the clothes Christina is wearing in the pictures above, she explains:

The red hat that I bought from you this winter has been an accessory all winter. Why I have now also been portrayed wearing it, in a cartoon my boyfriend Jens-Ulrich T. Nielsen is working on.

Black jacket bought last season.

Emmy Design cardigan - this type of cardigan has practically lived on me all winter.

When I go to work I often wear trousers or a jumpsuit with a cardigan. It could be: Suzie Q cardigan in yellow over the gray Daisy Dapper jumpsuit

Or Peggy Sue cardigan in light blue for my red House of Foxy trousers.

If I'm going to a party or out, I often choose the red dress from House of Foxy and if it's a family visit or a slightly more subdued social gathering, I choose the brown dress from House of Fox y.

The next piece of clothing on the wish list is the Peggy Sue cardigan in lavender from Emmy Design .

If you had to give women three great styling tips, what would they be?
1. Let your style express your personality.
2. Let every day be a deliciousness day. Whether I'm at work, practicing burlesque or going to a party, a piece with Mondo Kaos and a red lipstick can lift my daily look to new heights.

3. Better a little too much than a little too little, especially when it comes to glitter.

You can't be anything but happy and proud to have such wonderful customers in the store. It means so much to us at Mondo Kaos that we have the opportunity to hear and see your joy. It may well be that we are "just" a dress shop, but it is our customers who make all the work worthwhile. When your experience is good, we get the best working day. Let's together make everyday life a party where we can dress however we want. Feel feminine, delicious and make the world smile.

If you would like to take part in our next customer portrait, send an email to:


Loving greetings,
Birgitte, Christina & Team Mondo Kaos ♥

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