"Staycation" i København ☀️

"Staycation in Copenhagen" - Photo series by Ploug Fotografi ☀️

Peasant top in white from Oblong Box

The theme of the summer for most of us will be to find creative ways to spend a holiday in a homely environment, so what could be closer than shooting this year's summer pictures in our beautiful Copenhagen!

I have looked at Richard Avedon's classic fashion photos from the streets of 1950s Paris - he has together with e.g. the house of Dior and Harper's Bazaar created some truly iconic images which are an eternal inspiration for me.
His pictures in that category are mostly black and white, but of course I wanted to show you the colors of the clothes, so you get the pictures in color, but made to look like old color pictures.

We were so happy that Katrine, Rebecca and Nadia all said yes, and we also lured Dorian along, like a breath of fresh air.
The day we had chosen turned out to be its most authentic Danish summer side: There was both rain, wind and sun in turns, so we had to wait quite a bit with umbrellas before we could get the pictures in the box.
The absolute highlight of the day was the hotdogs at the Rådhusvoggen in Rådhuspladsen, where sweet Betina let us take photos while we ate lunch. We can reveal that one hot dog tasted more!

Vintage inspired photoshoot in Copenhagen

The girls' outfits have been chosen with the 1950s in mind: pencil skirt or full skirt, the two silhouettes which are iconic for the 50s .

Rebecca's Kgs. Garden set is 30s inspired with wide trousers from The House of Foxy and shirt blouse with Peter Pan collar from The Seamstress of Bloomsbury .

I hope you will enjoy looking around our city and see our beautiful girls in hopefully inspiring outfits.

Loving greetings,
Kirstine & Team Mondo Kaos ♥

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