Kundeportræt nr. 2 Stinemaria Mollie

Customer portrait no. 2 Stinemaria Mollie

This customer portrait is part of a series of mini-blogs where we have interviewed some of our lovely #mondoladies, based on their use of #mondolady and #mondokaos on Instagram ❤️

This second portrait is of the wonderful author, speaker and colorful dress lover Stinemaria Mollie Jensen.

Stinemaria Mollie is 45 years old and lives in Hvidovre. She is the mother of Mads, soon to be 20, and Liv, 15, and is married to Lars. Stinemaria works as an author and lecturer, where she articulates the concept of sensitivity and the sensitive person. She is currently finishing a new book about traveling as a sensitive person - when we did the interview, she was on her way to Venice to put the finishing touches on the book. Stinemaria was kind enough to show us a sneak peak of the front and back cover of the book, and to our surprise, both the front and back cover are adorned with beautiful photos of Stinemaria wearing Mondo Kao dresses in Venice! We were delighted and honored and can't wait for the book to be published so we can learn much more about both Stinemaria and Venice!

Above: The cover of Stinemarie's first book where she was also wearing a dress from Mono Kaos.

Stinemaria's interest in dresses started a few years ago when she got to know Mondo Kaos. She doesn't can't remember if it was a friend who recommended the store or if she had seen a posting on Facbook on Facbook, but one day she wandered into the store and was captivated by the colorful universe of swing dresses and petticoats. Before Stinemaria visited Mondo Kaos, she was not a dress girl and and she told us that in her childhood she was the only girl in her farm and therefore had to fight with the the boys to be allowed to play robber or Robin Hood when they played, because she didn't want to always having to be the princess in the tower just because she was a girl.

However, she has always been fascinated by the classic Hollywood movies that were shown on television when she was a child and the elegant clothes worn by actresses like Marilyn Monroe and Lana Turner. It just didn't feel like her, until one day in 2016, she suddenly needed a dress for a vacation for a vacation, so she wandered down to us at Mondo Kaos and hasn't looked back since!

Above: Stinemaria in her first dress purchase at Mondo Kaos. The photo was taken on a vacation in Venice in 2016.

Today, Stinemaria often wears dresses, both in everyday life and when she's out giving talks, and she prefers colorful, waist-cut swing dresses that she can wear a petticoat underneath because it makes makes her happy. When it came time to take pictures of her for the interview, two 1950s-inspired swing dresses were immediately brought into the fitting room. into the fitting room after we asked her which of our new fall styles she liked and wanted to try on. she liked and wanted to try on.

Stinemare Mollie in the Delores dress from Unique Vintage

The first dress Stinemaria tried on was a new version of her favorite favorite dress model, Doloresmodel from Unique Vintage, which we have just just received in a beautiful dark purple color that looked great with Stinemaria's with Stinemaria's hair color and skin tone! It's a classic waist-cut swing dress with elbow-length sleeves, a draped sweetheart neckline and full swing skirt, made in a soft, breathable material with stretch for a great fit! With black stockings and black pumps, Stinemaria creates a formal retro look for everyday wear!

The second dress Stinemaria tried on was the gorgeous D'Laine dress from Very Cherry in teal / petrol color. Stinemaria loved the color, which made her eyes light up even more, and the lovely swing skirt that left room for her petticoat underneath!

Shirt dress from Very Cherry

When Stinemaria shops, she is always very conscious of the material the clothes are made of, because she is very material-sensitive, and she also always keeps in mind that she has an active everyday life and that her dresses should be practical and easy to move around in. Therefore, it is important to Stinemaria that her dresses are made in a comfortable, soft and stretchy material that makes her feel good, whether she has eaten extra well on the weekend or not, that they have pockets so she doesn't have to rely and that they have swing skirts so she can move and dance - with or without a petticoat!

Thank you so much for letting us interview you, Stinemaria! We can't wait to see you again! If you want to get to know Stinemaria and her universe better, you can follow her on Instagram HERE!

Stay tuned over the next few weeks, where you can meet more of our Mondo Ladies - and if you use #mondokaos and #mondolady, we might even write to you one day to ask if we can if we can write a portrait of you!

Love, Team Mondo Kaos

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