Stines guide til toppe & skjorter til 'storbarmede kvinder'

Stine's guide to tops & shirts for 'big-breasted women'

One of the things I've had big problems with myself is finding blouses that fit my bust. With a nice 75 H cup and a semi-small waist measurement, it has always been super difficult for me to find just the right shirt blouse. That is why it is with great pleasure that we at Mondo Kaos have some dressy tops that your bosom can actually be in.

I have always believed that you should dress how you want! Regardless of your breast size - drop the old ideas that a larger bust means no to turtlenecks, mesh tops or blouses that are too low-cut - It's entirely up to you as a person, how you want to go dressed. The only downside is whether the fit works.

Therefore, I have tried to make a small guide to our selection of tops in Mondo Kaos, which I think suit women with a larger bust.

The Seamstress Of Bloomsbury.

One of our best selling brands is The Seamstres Of Bloomsbury , but they haven't always been in the game with their shirts . Their Jive shirt, which is part of our basic range, has never been quite good for a larger bust. That's why I was extremely happy when I tried their new shirt 'Judy'. The shirt has much more freedom around the back, it has a nice v-neck, which makes it super dressy, without it you get a "squeezed" bosom. Judy is available from size small to x-large.

Judy vintage inspired shirt with dots

Unfortunately , Bloomsbury's sizes don't go up to more than xl - which is a real shame when this shirt is so good. But we can hope that one day they make more sizes. With a chest measurement of 75H, I myself use the Judy shirt in size Large.

Navy blue vintage style shirt with dots from The Seamstress Of Bloomsbury
Vintage style red shirt with white dots

Short-sleeved black shirt with dots in vintage style

The House Of Foxy.

Another of our brands that has some good styles for a larger bust is The House of Foxy . This brand is already known for their versatile dresses, which have the most amazing fit for all body types. Fortunately, they are also quite good at making tops that suit everyone. In fact, all their shirts , which are mentioned below, are good for both a smaller and a larger bust. They are all mostly made in nice viscose or cotton, so your body can still breathe.

Classic Long Sleeve Shirt:

This shirt is great for a larger bust, it has a beautiful v-neckline and even though it's fitted, it's roomy enough for a larger bust or wide back. This shirt is cool and elegant at the same time.

In this shirt, I use a size Large but could size down to a size Medium - it's all about what you feel comfortable in.

Navy blue Long sleeve shirt in vintage style from The House Of Foxy

Cream white long sleeve shirt in vintage style from The House Of Foxy
Black long sleeve shirt in vintage style from The House Of Foxy

1930s Blouse:

Another good style from The House Of Foxy , which fits super well with a larger bust. This has no buttons and is roomy enough for all of us to fit in, and because of the nice round neckline, the bust is not squeezed.

Vinatge style blouse in cream white from The House Of Foxy
Yellow floral blouse in vintage style from The House Of Foxy
Black blouse in vintage style from The House Of Foxy

In this blouse I use a size Large.

New summer shirts in blue floral, yellow and pink:

The newest summer shirts we have received again have the same fine fit as the long-sleeved shirts. There is room for a larger bust, but be aware that this is "sewn into" the waist. That is that you must have a marked waist to be able to fit this model properly. If you don't feel like you have a waist, I recommend the long-sleeved shirt, or the new yellow tie shirt, where roominess and femininity go hand in hand.

In all these shirts I use a size Large.

Light blue short-sleeved shirt with floral print in vintage style
Bright yellow shirt with pussy bow from The House Of Foxy

Vintage style Light blue short sleeve shirt with floral print from The House Of Foxy

Vintage style pink shirt with short sleeves

Heart Of Haute.

The Estelle shirt from Heart Of Haute is soon a classic in Mondo Kaos. It is form-fitting and looks fantastic on almost everyone. However, be aware that this model is small in size and we therefore recommend that you go up a size. The model has a fine puff sleeve and short sleeves.

A number of customers often ask what to do with the tie on the Estelle shirt, and for this I have three options plus a 'wildcard'.

  1. Tie the bow big, dramatic and sharp
  2. Tie the bow loosely, dress the shirt down.
  3. If you don't like having something around your neck all the time, you can tuck in the ties, unbutton the shirt and make a v-neck.
  4. The last option is 'Stine's summer edition' where the shirt has a V-neck and is tied at the waist.
Estelle blouse in vintage style with pussy bow from Heart Of Haute

Shirt blouse in vintage style with pussy bow from Heart Of Haute

Pussy bow shirt in vintage style

Mix and match both skirts and trousers with this beautiful shirt. Note that the "puff" will decrease over time.
In this edition, I use size X-Large

Unique Vintage.

The ruffle top from Unique Vintage is a total wildcard. I was sure when I saw it that this top would not suit someone like me with a big bust, due to the slightly wild "ruffle" detail - but I was wrong! The top is super nice, as you show a bit of shoulders and neck, which makes the top softer. Today, the ruffle top is definitely one of my favorite tops ever!

I use this top in size large.

Retro top in black from Unique Vintage

I hope you can use my little 'busty guide', and otherwise you are always welcome to stop by the store or send an email if you have any questions about this. We continuously add new sizes and models to our range. If you have any wishes, you are more than welcome to contact us with your ideas. It is not certain that we will be able to follow them to the door, but the more feedback we get from you, the more pressure we can put on the various livery doors, to get a lot of beautiful and delicious shirts that you can also wear, even if you have a larger bosom.

A small side note to round things off, it is important to mention that when you buy your shirts in rayon, viscose and cotton there is a risk that they will shrink a little when washed. Therefore, always read the washing instructions before washing your new beautiful shirt.

Loving greetings,
from Stine ♥

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