Trashy Diva ❤️

Trashy Diva ❤️

My favorite brand Trashy Diva is back and never has a dress felt so good

Stine, shop manager at Mondo Kaos, says:

The 40s dress from Trashy Diva in floral print

When I started working at Mondo Kaos almost six years ago, I was introduced for the first time to a relatively unknown brand with the finest prints. I remember that I first came across the name "Trashy Diva" what kind of name is it to call your clothing brand? But it still brought a lot of curiosity. Because who makes such a fine print and at the same time calls themselves 'Trashy'?

The dress had to be tried on immediately! And when I was finally in the dress, my mouth and jaw dropped. Never had I tried on a dress with such a good fit and in such fantastic material. I had no doubt - The dress had to be owned and even more were added over time.

That's why it was with great sadness when Trashy Diva shut down their wholesale and we couldn't order more homes for Mondo Kaos. But the sadness would prove to be short-lived, because now Trashy Diva has luckily opened their sales again exclusively for Mondo Kaos - To the great joy of our customers who already know about this fantastic brand, new customers and not least myself. My perfect summer dress has arrived!

So what is so great about Trashy Diva?

It's actually quite easy to answer: Quality, material, print and fit!

Trashy Diva is an American clothing brand that prides itself on being a modern and, not least, a unique brand based on the idea that everyone can fit their dresses.

As far as fit is concerned, over the years we have had quite a few models in the store and thereby found the best ones for our customers. Namely the 40s dress and their wrap dress.

The 40s dress from Trashy Diva:

This dress is a luxury version of our Ava dress from The House of Foxy , which has been known to be our bestseller for the past few years. With its a-line cut, the 40er dress is a dress that can in principle be worn by all body types. Like most of our other retro dresses, this one is also marked at the waist, has a beautiful and super feminine v-neck and a skirt that falls over the hips so that they are neither smaller nor wider. The dress is also produced in the softest rayon, which feels like silk on your skin and falls perfectly over your figure. It almost feels like you're not wearing any clothes.

Trashy Diva 40s dress in purple with floral print

The Slåom Dress from Trashy Diva:

The same applies to the slaom model. The fit is perfect for most people, and a bit more festive than regular wrap dresses. As with our other slalom dresses, it can be adjusted at the waist, thus adapting to everyone. It's a dress where you feel so delicious! Again, the material is the softest rayon.

The fantastic quality and material of the Trashy Diva dresses

Trashy Diva is on the slightly more expensive end, but there is a good reason for that, namely Quality!

As mentioned before, the dresses are made of the softest quality rayon, which also has a bit of stretchy in it, so it is easier to fit if you are, for example, between sizes. The actual construction of the dresses is well done, from the beautiful feminine drapes to the sleeves. There is no doubt that Trashy Diva has the female body in focus when they construct their models. They know that we all have different body types and that is taken into account. And that is exactly what we at Mondo Kaos are happy about.

The most beautiful flowers Print:

This season Trashy Diva has come up with this stunning purple floral print. Purple is a color that has been away for a few seasons, but is making a strong comeback this summer. Flowers in yellow, pink, turquoise and green shades that fit so perfectly with exactly this purple tone. This particular print is a wonderful mix of vintage and modern style. Which means that everyone can wear the print, even if you are not always into flowers. "It's all about styling" and we'll get into that in more detail.

Stine's four styling tips for your Trashy Diva Dresses:

One of the things we say most at Mondo Kaos is "It's all about styling baby" By those words we mean that in principle you can wear anything and give it your own expression if you just have the right styling. And it's actually quite easy.

Here are my four suggestions on how to style both dresses.

For everyday life and work:

Both dresses can be styled with different fun tights, a nice Emmy cardigan and the flat Charlie Stone shoes.

Wrap dress from Trashy Diva

Wrap dress from Trashy Diva

Peggy Sue cardigan in lavender from Emmy Design

Cardigan from Emmy Design

Limited edition shoes from Charlie Stone

Limited edition shoes from Charlie Stone

For the party:

The dresses can really do a lot in themselves. But make them more festive and sexy with, for example, our nude stockings with nails from What Katie Did or completely bare legs. The new Adele shoes in black or copper would be perfect. If you prefer a closed shoe, we would definitely recommend the Amber or Lucie model. Decorate if necessary with our new bangles and earrings from Rock It Rosie .

Alele pumps in Rose Gold from Miss L Fire

Alele pumps in Rose Gold from Miss L Fire

Green Hoop Earrings from Rock It Rosie

Green Hoop Earrings from Rock It Rosie

Lucie pumps in black suede from Miss L Fire

Lucie pumps in black suede from Miss L Fire


Create a more romantic look with both dresses by styling them with a nice cardigan from Emmy Design , and not least our new Lois shoes from Miss L Fire. Due to the print on the dress and the base colour, all colors of Louis can be used. But if it has to be really nice, the gold color would be the icing on the cake. Flowers in the hair are also really a must. In the shop we have a fine selection of hair flowers.

Find the items in the picture here: Dress / Cardigan / Green Sandals / Gold colored Sandals

Dresses from Trashy Diva

Rock N' Roll:
We know that some may be scared by the floral print - but you don't have to be afraid that the dress will be too "too cute" Style the dresses with cool fishnet stockings, a short biker jacket and the cool Amber shoes from Miss L Fire . Thereby you turn an otherwise "cute" dress into a cool and cool retro dress

There are a hundred ways you can style your dress to suit your individual style. The most important thing is to point out that if the dress fits well, you can "own" it, so that it becomes your completely unique dress.

This is what our customers say:

As mentioned before, it's been a few seasons since we've had Trashy Diva in the store, but we've continuously had great demand for their dresses. We have therefore also had a lot of pleasant experiences and outbursts in the store.

Here are a few statements and experiences with customers in the store:¨

"I'm going on a third date with the cutest guy at 18.00 and I have never felt as gorgeous as I do in this dress" Louise from Nørrebro

"Now I already have four Trashy Diva dresses, so I might as well get the fifth" Rikke from Vesterbro

"What I love about these dresses is that no matter what time of the month it is or how bloated I am, I can put this dress on and be comfortable haha" Agnete from Nørrebro

"So I'm a bit superstitious, because every time I've worn my dress I've had the best night in the world. So now I always put it on if I'm in the slightest doubt" Sara from Nordsjælland

The coolest Diva in town:

There is no doubt that Trashy Diva, despite the name, is definitely not Trashy. Trashy Diva, is quality and style of the highest degree! It's luxury that never goes out of fashion, that you can keep coming back to.

You can ask yourself why if they have chosen to call themselves that - no one knows? But my guess is that they have chosen it to create exactly the curiosity about the brand that I myself experienced one summer day in 2014 in Mondo Kaos.

As a small bonus, we've brought home another new style from Trashy Diva – Namely a beautiful and cool top in the most beautiful snake print. The top can be used as both a shirt and a light jacket. Style it with our high-waisted jeans from Lady K Love s or our Mini skirt from Grunten Mode and you'll be the coolest diva in town.

Loving greetings,

Stine & the rest of Team Mondo Kaos ♥

Dresses and shirts from Trashy Diva

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