Mondo Kaos Guide til Vintage Brudekjoler

Mondo Kaos Guide to Vintage Wedding Dresses

It's almost that time of year, admittedly a little later than usual due to the unusual situation we've been in since the beginning of March. But little by little our customers are starting to inquire about vintage wedding dresses and retro style wedding fashion, and it's great to know that wedding planning is back in full swing so we can celebrate all that love.
We have a small, but exclusive and beautiful selection of individual wedding dresses at Mondo Kaos, so here is some inspiration to find your perfect vintage wedding dress .

How to choose the perfect vintage wedding dress

Do you have a clear picture of what you are looking for, or perhaps you want to let our always super talented staff guide you, in any case here is a small vintage wedding dress guide so you can get some inspiration for what your wedding dress should have to be perfect just for you.

All our vintage wedding dresses are made in comfortable materials that allow the skin to breathe and in which you can move. The wedding dresses you find with us are all dresses where the design is cherished, and all have the authentic vintage nuances and details.

The dresses are suitable for the reception as well as the very big party, where you have to dance all night. And then we have dresses that are suitable for both the town hall and the church action.

The wedding dress from the 1940s and 1950s

The wedding dresses of the 1940s focused on a more marked female figure, and the ideal of the time stands out more sharply than the flowing forms of the 1930s. The focus was on the shoulders and A-line, and the upper part of the dresses typically consisted of a close-fitting bustier. A very popular cut was 'the sweetheart cut', but square or so-called scallop cuts were also in fashion. In general, the dresses are made of less fabric, due to the rationing of the war, but of course you had to have a beautiful dress, anyway, so drapes and wrinkles also became part of the bridal fashion of this time. The rationing also meant that in the 40s people liked to use other colours, e.g. pink was in vogue, and flowered dresses, which you could use again.

Aline vintage wedding dress

Do you want a 1950s inspired wedding dress?

Choose a wedding dress with a swing skirt if you are into a more romantic look and want extra focus on the waist, as well as plenty of room to let loose on the dance floor. Lace and small details give a feminine, romantic look, while a simpler design will give you a classic, timeless silhouette.

Or you can choose the pencil dress for a simpler silhouette with full focus on the female forms.

At Mondo Kaos, we carry the most models in the 1950s style, and thus have here a large selection of different vintage wedding dresses in swing and pencil models.
In the 1950s, one looked again towards the fashion houses in Paris, specifically Dior and his New Look! There was full focus on the narrow waist and a large skirt, preferably with a petticoat underneath. Especially in the late 50s, the dresses became short and went to around the knee, so that you could see the legs and shoes. When the attention was on the hourglass silhouette, it was also here that you saw both strapless wedding dresses with matching bolero jackets, and a multitude of beautiful cutouts, sometimes covered in beautiful lace.

Vintage pencil wedding dresses also saw the light of day for the first time in the 1950s

See a small selection of our fitted vintage wedding dresses here:

Figure-stitched vintage wedding dress
Figure-stitched vintage wedding dress with lace

Figure-stitched stop staring wedding dress

See a small selection of our vintage wedding dresses with swing skirt here:

Vintage wedding dress with lace

Vintage wedding dress with swing skirt

Hourglass vintage wedding dress in pencil cut

Vintage bridesmaid dresses

Among our vintage dresses, you will really find dresses that sit nicely on everyone, and it is easy to find dresses for different girls who all have to look beautiful on the big day, and not least, in photos for posterity. We have the models in many sizes, and sometimes even different models in the same fabric and print, so there are more options and you can still get a uniform look.

Green bridesmaid dress

Simple dusty green A-line dress from The House Of Foxy

White swing dress with flowers for the bridesmaid

Beautiful swing dress with floral print

Milan bridesmaid dress in pink

Swing dress in pink/purple shade

Accessories for your vintage wedding dress

In Mondo Kaos, in addition to dresses, we also have suitable shoes, boleros, cardigans, stockings and beautiful hair flowers, all perfect as accessories for the vintage style. Just like our dresses, we care about the quality of everything else in the store, and our shoes are some of the most comfortable bridal shoes you can find. We have shoes and sandals in white and gold that will go great with your wedding dress. A white cardigan or bolero is perfect for the capricious Danish summer, and we always have a large selection of beautiful white and colorful hair flowers, which are a wonderful vintage detail for your outfit.

A selection of some shoes that we think will be perfect for the bride:

Adele rose vintage style wedding shoes
White retro sandals
Adele light blue wedding shoes

Some of our petticoats and hair accessories for the bride:

Hair accessories for the vintage bride
Petticoat for the vintage wedding dress
Vintage hair accessories for the bride

Our selection of vintage wedding dresses in our store in Copenhagen

We always have a really exclusive selection of vintage style wedding dresses, although we are not an actual wedding dress shop. The selection is carefully adapted to our customers' style and taste, and therefore there is probably also a wedding dress that suits you. The selection in the store may be slightly larger than what is online, so we recommend that you visit the store. Our staff are also super skilled at giving you advice and guidance on which dresses suit you, as they know the range very well.

Try on your vintage wedding dress in Nørrebro, Copenhagen

We hope that you have been inspired to find the vintage wedding dress of your dreams in Mondo Kaos, but here is some guidance in relation to visiting the store at Nørrebro in Copenhagen. It is always a good idea to have a look at what we have from home, so that you are a little better prepared. Especially in these times when there is a limit on how many customers can be in the store at a time, you can book a time for personal shopping with great advantage. That way, we know that there is plenty of time to help you, and you can also easily bring a friend along for guidance, without risking that there will be too many customers in the store. Alternatively, you can come by on weekdays before 1pm, as it is usually least busy at this time.

We also point out that not all dresses can be re-ordered, so if you are getting married in 2021 and after, we cannot promise that the dress will be there by then.

We hope to see you wedding dress shopping in Mondo Kaos and that we can help you make your big day perfect in a dress from our store.

Wedding Photography

You will always keep your wedding day in your hearts, but it's nice to have a little help to remember all the little moments, which is why we recommend having an experienced photographer on the sidelines.
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Loving greetings,
Team Mondo Kaos ♥

PS. As most of our readers and customers already know, our clothes are not "true vintage" but reproduced (repro) clothes inspired by vintage clothes. However, we have found that the vast majority of our customers do not know the term "Repro", but use both retro and vintage to describe the clothes we sell, despite the fact that they are newly produced clothes. That's why we do exactly the same here at Mondo Kaos. All our clothes are always newly produced, not second-hand, and are primarily inspired by the fantastic fashion from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s.

Fashioned in the 1940s

Fashion in the 40s 🌟

Fashioned in the 50s

Fashion in the 50s 🌟

Fashioned in the 60s

Fashion in the 60s 🌟