Sakura flat white sandal with ankle strap

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A fine vintage inspired sandal with replaceable ankle strap in white from Charlie Stone.

A fantastic vintage inspired sandal, for parties, or just a festive everyday life.

The Sakura sandal is a beautiful sandal with an open toe. The shoe has beautiful stitching and cutouts at the front inspired by spring. The pattern is sewn like an abstract butterfly with small small shaped holes inside. The small leaves in themselves create a beautiful pattern and give a look to the forefoot.

The heel cap helps to keep the foot firmly in place, and the shoe has two possible closing mechanisms. You can replace the ankle strap and choose to use the well-known 'close-light' buckle, or a suede band which can be tied in front. In this way, your shoe can have different expressions and be varied.

Sakura is a fairly low shoe with only a cm heel, and 2 cm internal heel, which gives the shoe its soft 'cushion' insole. This makes the shoe perfect for virtually all occasions, especially for those who want a festive shoe without a high heel.

  • A little big in size
  • Best for narrow- normal width feet
  • Festive alternative to high heels

    Material: Leather sole: synthetic