'Luxe Montpellier' T-strap shoe in beige

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Beautiful high-heeled shoe from Charlie Stone in light beige leather.

Charlie Stone is best known in Mondo Kaos for their fabulous low shoes in elegant designs, and this 'Luxe Montpellier' has quickly become a customer favorite in Mondo Kaos.

The shoe is a classic vintage T-strap shoe, but in true Charlie Stone style, it's designed with a beautiful cross-over detail at the front. The heel has the famous 40s sway, and the shoe is of course just as comfortable and comfortable as you are used to from this brand.

  • The perfect shoe for 40s style pants
  • Wear it with a beautiful A-line dress for a real vintage look
  • A wonderful shoe for both everyday and special occasions
  • Accessorize with our elegant Rock it Rosie Bracelet and earrings
  • Heel height 5.75 cm / 2.25 inches
  • "Quick release buckle (see video)
  • Best for "normal" wide feet