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1950s Jeans and blouses from Freddies of Pinewood in authentic vintage style

If you're looking for jeans in the classic 1950s style, Freddies of Pinewood is a must-have.

Freddies of Pinewood is the brainchild of Phil & Jo, an English couple who both have a love for jeans from the 1940s and 1950s. They joined forces both privately and in business and after many years of collecting vintage jeans and vintage denim, they also started selling vintage jeans from a stall at the famous Camden Market. This turned into a shop, and with their vast knowledge of vintage jeans, in 1999 they founded the repro brand Freddies of Pinewood, specializing in making authentic vintage jeans. Today, Freddies of Pinewood is no longer just jeans, but tops, jackets, skirts, pretty much everything you would want from a true repro brand, but the common denominator is that everything is in the authentic look that suits the vintage denim style and rockabilly look.

Vintage style high-waisted jeans from Freddies of Pinewood

Vintage jeans are great whether you're just a pants person or you want to go for a vintage-inspired rockabilly look. Jeans are just a perfect basic for your vintage wardrobe.

Jeans and denim give you the opportunity to wear some of the great vintage inspired blouses, shirts and T-shirts, and with jeans you can create the famous sweater-girl look or a rockabilly look with a cool retro print t-shirt.

All jeans from Freddies of Pinewood are based on the original models, meaning they are high-waisted and made from 100% cotton.

Vintage jeans and denim in 100% cotton

When jeans are made from 100% cotton, the fit has to be perfect and fit the female body. We have several models at home, so you're sure to find a pair of vintage jeans that fits you perfectly. All jeans are made in vintage cut and quality with a high waist and focus on the hourglass silhouette, just like the rest of our vintage range. The beautiful cotton jeans mold to your body and give when you wear them, so be aware that your Freddies jeans should be tight when you buy them.

We always have classic vintage jeans in several feminine styles and all in authentic and flattering vintage style, but the classic 'Classic' model is the one we bring home again and again. It's vintage style jeans as you'd expect in both look and quality.

Vintage quality jeans with great authentic 1950s details

With the great jeans from Freddies of Pinewood, you can be sure to have your jeans for years to come. You get that one pair of jeans that just fits perfectly and that you'll never want to be without. And of course, the look is different. Following in the footsteps of the 40s, 50s and 60s, your look will have a vintage authenticity and rebellious charm that you can't achieve with modern jeans.

Freddies of Pinewoods vintage style jeans have authentic details such as the female side closure, which was the most common for many years. It can also be side button closures or cowboy rivets in all the right places. The pockets are both flattering and have the right vintage look. You can also notice the attention to detail in the fact that the pants are made in a long length that can be unbuttoned to give them the right vintage look.

And of course, we bring in new vintage pants when our brands show us something we know you'll love.

Freddies of Pinewood blouses

We've been watching with great pleasure as the brand continues to expand their spectrum. We have now received a number of blouses and tops from Freddies of Pinewood that we think fit perfectly into the classic vintage style here at Mondo Kaos.

First and foremost, these are blouses that fit the jeans style, and here we're talking 1940s, 1950s and even the early 1960s, with a cool beatnik look. They have a rebellious charm and are all inspired by vintage originals.

Jeans or denim?

The answer is both. The word jeans originally comes from Genoa, (pronounced Djenova) where merchants traded the heavy, specially woven cotton fabric they called denim. Denim became the word for the fabric, which was where the fabric was made, from Nîmes, or 'de Nîmes'.

How to find the right pair of vintage jeans from Freddies of Pinewood

Buying jeans online can be really difficult, so if you can't come and try them on in store, we recommend that you look carefully at the size guide. The guide is the measurements of the jeans, not you, and it's best if you already have a pair of 100% cotton jeans that fit really well and that you can confidently measure and compare with the guide for Freddies of Pinewood jeans. Remember that most modern jeans have some kind of stretch in them, so they will fit differently and you can't go by their measurements when buying authentic 100% cotton jeans.

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