1950s Petticoat in mint

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Petticoat in mint, perfect under your 1950s style swing dresses and skirts.

Here is a deliciously soft and lined petticoat that gives good volume to your 1950s swing skirts and dresses. The mint color makes this petticoat perfect as a fine contrast to black, pastels or maybe a teal or green?

The skirt is sewn in several layers, so it is slim around the stomach, and goes out in a triangle, and has a lot of fullness right around knee height. This makes the skirt ideal to wear under, for example, swing dresses or swing skirts, and gives a really nice hourglass figure.

The skirt can be worn under a dress/skirt just to give a beautiful vintage silhouette, or it can be worn for dancing where it gives extra swing on the dance floor.

There is adjustable elastic at the waist, so the skirt is comfortable to wear.

Also remember our beautiful trench coats, which have extra width, so you can just wear your swing dress and petticoat underneath.

  • Wear with your beautiful 1950s dresses
  • Available in several colors
  • You can either match the color to your dress, or deliberately create a beautiful contrast between the dress and the petticoat. A contrast you can choose to match with other accessories.

Length 66 cm.

Material: 80% Polyamide, 17% Polyester, 3% Elastane.