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1950s Rockabilly style clothing from Queen Kerosin

One of our newer brands in Mondo Kaos is German brand Queen Kerosin.

German repro brand Queen Kerosin, and their men's version King Kerosin, specialize in making authentic rockabilly style clothing. They have a penchant for all things denim; jeans, jackets, skirts, dresses and pantsuits. All made with a love of true vintage style and a flair for a genuine 1950s rockabilly look, but with modern comfort in mind. This means that Queen Kerosin clothes often have a bit of stretch in them, so they fit properly but are still comfortable to wear.

High-waisted skirts in 1950s Rockabilly style from Queen Kerosin

If you want a true rockabilly look, a cool denim skirt is a must-have.

From Queen Kerosin, we have skirts in a cool, flattering A-line shape. Denim skirts are ideal for those who love denim and want an alternative to jeans pants. A skirt gives you the opportunity to wear some of the great vintage inspired blouses, shirts and T-shirts, and with jeans you can create a cool rockabilly look with a retro print t-shirt.

The skirts are based on the original rockabilly styles, but with a bit of stretch for modern comfort.

1950s Rockabilly style denim pantsuits

When it comes to vintage style denim pantsuits, they have to fit just right, be cool enough and, most importantly, fit the female body.

Queen Kerosin pantsuits are made with high-quality vintage cuts. Many of them come with back embroidery for that true 50s biker vibe. Of course, they go with everything from a more rugged look with biker boots, or with a feminine touch with heels and a red lipstick.

Denim dresses in 1950s Rockabilly style with beautiful authentic details

Queen Kerosin also specializes in gorgeous denim dresses. Whether you're into pencil dresses or an A-line, the dresses from Kerosin have the right retro look. The design is perfect for both everyday wear, but also to style up your retro denim pencil dress for a party. Add some bling and heels and you'll look like a million bucks in your new denim dress from Queen Kerosin.

The dresses are in a good strong denim quality with a little bit of stretch, and of course they have the right cowboy rivets and jeans buttons for a true retro denim look.

Cowboy jackets in 1950s Rockabilly style from Queen Kerosin

From Queen Kerosin we also bring home the great 50s style jeans jacket, in the right cropped style that focuses on the waist. The jackets from Queen Kerosin have beautiful embroidery that gives them charm and makes your cowboy jacket unique.

The jackets are perfect for the Rockabilly style, especially the 1950s and even the early 1960s, with a cool beatnik look. They have a rebellious charm and are all inspired by vintage originals.

Jeans or denim?

The answer is both. The word jeans originally comes from Genoa, (pronounced Djenova) where merchants traded the heavy, specially woven cotton fabric they called denim. Denim became the word for the fabric, which was where the fabric was made, from Nîmes, or 'de Nîmes'.

See denim from Queen Kerosin in our Copenhagen store

Stop by the store if you want to see more retro and vintage style denim clothing. We are always ready with advice and guidance. Take a look at our webshop first to see what we have, as we only take home a few of each, but on the other hand, we have a large turnover. Whether you're looking for something special or want to be inspired, we're here to help you find the perfect vintage style denim outfit. And it's safe to say that we always have vintage style denim!

Do you have further questions about our range?

At Mondo Kaos, our first priority is always happy customers. So if you have any questions about our range, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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