Rock It Rosie: Vintage style hoop earrings, silver glitter

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Vintage inspired earrings from Rock It Rosie in silver glitter

Beautiful vintage style earrings that can spice up any outfit!

These cool retro inspired earrings are perfect for your vintage look.

The earrings consist of hoops that have nicely included glitter that gives a beautiful play when they hit the light. They are the perfect accessory for festive occasions where you really have to shine!

Wear them with the matching bracelets from Rock It Rosie, both with glitter or without.

Please note that these earrings are handmade and there must therefore be minor variations.

  • Use them everyday with neutral colours, to spice up your outfit a bit, or for a party together with a Rock it Rosie glitter bracelet
  • Wear them tone-on-tone with matching bracelets or mix and match depending on what you're in the mood for

Diameter: 3.5 cm

Material: Resin & nickel-free steel

Please note, as these earrings are handmade, slight variations may occur.