Byom's: Probiotic delicate wash for wool, silk and other delicates

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500ml delicate wash from Byom's for all your delicate vintage clothes with the delicate scent of fig milk.

This is a super-concentrated detergent based on byom's probiotic formula. It has been specially developed to 100% safely and effectively remove dirt and reduce the unpleasant smell of sweat in your clothes. With a faint delicate scent of figs and especially suitable for colored delicate clothes.

We've been so excited about Byom's spray that we thought it only fitting to carry the fantastic detergent for your fine woolen blouses and cardigans, as well as the many delicate fabrics. Byom's delicates are made especially with wool and silk in mind, so can wash your clothes at very low temperatures.

Byoms is biodegradable, free of preservatives and 100% vegan. In addition, Byom's detergent removes unpleasant odors in the washing machine and pipes, as the beneficial bacteria also work there when the water is rinsed out.

Be careful not to overdo it, as it creates worse washing results.

The packaging is made of recyclable plastic

Ingredients: >30% plant-derived anionic surfactants, <5% plant-derived amphoteric surfactants, soaps, glycerol, sodium citrate, vinylpyrrolidone/vinylimidazole copolymer, allergen-free perfumes, probiotic bacteria
98.7% of the ingredients are of organic and natural origin.