Delightful Daytime Cardigan in camel

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A simple and lightweight merino wool cardigan from Emmy Design in camel.

The Delightful Daytime cardigan has a simple and lovely cut with a lace pattern in the knit. The cardigan has the characteristic wide ribbed waistband that emphasizes the feminine shape and vintage style.

The cardigan closes to a high V and the narrow 3/4 sleeves have a slight puff at the shoulders.

The merino wool is light and soft, and the quality of this spring/summer cardigan is lighter and airier than most of Emmy's other knitted cardigans.

With its feminine and discreet lace pattern, the cardigan fits perfectly in both vintage wardrobes and for those who just want a flattering cut on their knitwear.

  • Perfect cut for your high-waisted pants and skirts.
  • Beautiful neutral color to match your colorful bottoms and dresses.
  • The cardigan may fluff, but this can be removed either gently with scissors or with a special wool brush. It will stop over time.

Material: 100% merino wool