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Esther Williams: 1950s style swimsuit in black with cherry

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Flattering vintage style halter neck swimsuit in black with cherry from Esther Williams.

This classic vintage style swimsuit from Esther Williams Swimwear is everything any woman needs to look beautiful at the beach or by the pool. Whether you're on a Mediterranean holiday, an exotic island group or on the costa Amager, you're not going to go down in style.

The suit has a classic 1950s cut with low legs and it has a halter neck tie at the neck so you can adjust it perfectly to your figure. And then it goes down nicely over the rear to the bath.
The swimsuit has the finest wrinkle effect that is incredibly flattering for any figure, and the lining has a light form of shapewear effect that makes you feel comfortable. In addition, the cups are lightly padded and keep the bust in place.

  • This is the perfect swimsuit for both a trip to the beach or a rockabilly pool party.
  • Beautiful swimsuit in vintage style
  • Beautiful velor in perfect pinup style
  • The swimwear from Esther Williams is simply the best retro swimwear out there
  • The 'lining' has a kind of shape effect, and the bowls are lightly padded.
  • Available in many colors and patterns

Material : 80% Polyester & 20% Spandex

    TIP : When you try on the swimwear, it should fit if you are going to swim in it, as it gives a little in the water. Please see the size guide for more info on choosing a size.