Rhanders Handsker: Skindhandsker i blush med uld for Accessories Rhanders Handsker

Rhanders Gloves: Leather gloves in blush with wool lining

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Classic gloves in soft leather with wool lining from Rhanders Gloves in blush.

Beautiful gloves in a delicate pink blush.

The gloves are from Rhanders Handsker and they are cut by hand and made according to traditional glove making.

These gloves are a pair of classic and elegant gloves with a warm and comfortable wool lining, with a little nylon added for extra durability and wear resistance.

Gloves from Rhanders Gloves are only made from skin which is a by-product, i.e. no animal breeding only for the use of skin.

The leather is buttery soft and processed as it only requires simple maintenance, such as wiping them with a damp cloth and remembering to stretch them into shape.

  • This beautiful pink blush is perfect for a special outfit and for those of you who just love beautiful accessories
  • Match gloves with an alpine hat or scarf for a beautiful overall vintage look
  • Take extra care of your gloves by stretching them when you take them off

Materials: Leather and wool lined with nylon.