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Rhanders Gloves: Leather gloves in black with fleece lining

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Classic black gloves in soft leather with fleece lining from Rhanders Handsker

Classic gloves to keep your hands warm.

The gloves are from Rhanders Handsker and they are cut by hand and made according to traditional glove making.

These gloves are a pair of classic gloves with a warm and comfortable fleece lining. The glove is slightly longer than the other gloves and has a slight wrinkle down the side.

Gloves from Rhanders Gloves are only made from skin which is a by-product, i.e. no animal breeding only for the use of skin.

The leather is buttery soft and processed as it only requires simple maintenance, such as wiping them with a damp cloth and remembering to stretch them into shape.

  • The black gloves are of course useful for all your outfits.
  • Match gloves with shoes and alpine hat, for a beautiful overall vintage look
  • Take extra care of your gloves by stretching them when you take them off

Materials: Leather and fleece