Swedish Stockings: Alice Cashmere tights in black (ONLINE EXCLUSIVE)

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Well-fitting, luxurious tights in black from Swedish Stockings made of cashmere and recycled polyamide.

Swedish Stockings is a new and sustainable brand that has made it a point to produce the highest quality tights and nylon stockings in the best possible way for the environment.

These tights, with their mix of cashmere, viscose, polyamide and elastane, are absolutely perfect for the cold months of the year. They are luxurious and warm, and we are also so happy to have found an environmentally friendly quality brand that knows how the perfect tights should be.
Alice contains 10% cashmere which makes them super soft and warm, they also have a 'comfort' waistband so nothing tightens around the stomach and flat seams so no seams from the tights can be seen through the clothes.

The tights are made in Italy in a 3D technique, which is a technique where the tights are made in a tube, which gives them optimal stretch and elasticity and makes them both more durable and more comfortable to wear.

The Alice model also has reinforcement at the toes and a cotton wedge.

All Swedish Stockings are produced in a waste-free and emission-free facility in Italy.

  • Your new favorite tights, perfect for the cold season
  • Swedish Stocking has a type of tights for all your vintage outfits
  • You will want to take extra good care of these quality tights because they are so beautiful, and that makes them extra sustainable.
  • Wear them with all your beautiful vintage dresses and skirts

Material : 10% cashmere, 52% viscose, 34% polyamide, 4% elastane.

All our Swedish Stocking stockings can be recycled. Come down to the store with 3 pairs of nylon tights and get a 10% discount on the purchase of your next pair of Swedish Stockings. We send all stockings to Sweden, where they are recycled into fiberglass tanks.

Guide to good treatment of stockings:

1. If you are between 2 sizes, choose the larger one

2. Make sure you don't have nails that can tear the socks when you put them on

3. Roll them all the way down to the toes before rolling them up the leg

5. Wear socks in addition to protect the toe and heel area when wearing them in boots.

7. Always put them in a washing bag and wash them at a maximum of 30 degrees.