Rhanders Handsker: Lange lammeskindshandsker i rød Accessories mondokaos

Rhanders Gloves: Long lambskin gloves in red

Regular price 719,20 kr

Super nice long vintage style lambskin gloves with wool lining that keep your fingers nice and warm.

The gloves are available in two sizes: 7 & 7.5

ATTENTION! Gloves in strong colors can rub off and we accept no responsibility for damage caused by this. Pay particular attention when the gloves are damp or wet. This also applies during storage, which is why it is recommended that the gloves remain in their original plastic packaging. We do not accept complaints relating to this.

About Rhanders Gloves:
Rhanders Handsker is a quality concept, known all over the world. Rhanders Handskefabrik has designed and produced gloves for 200 years and has inspired glove users for just as long.

Rhanders Handskefabrik was able to celebrate its 200th anniversary in 2012 with the sale of luxury gloves for both men and women. Fashion experts call the brand both old school and super cool.