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Byoms: Freshen Up 200ml - Odor remover for textiles

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Probiotic neutral deodorizer for clothes from Byoms 200ml.

Byom's revolutionary home spray with probiotics has been developed to 100% safely, quickly and effectively reduce unpleasant odors in home textiles in everything from the sofa to shoes and clothes. Byom's spray works by the good and healthy bacteria eradicating the bad bacteria, by quite simply eating the food that the bad bacteria live on and thus they cannot survive.

The spray consists of carefully selected organic, natural active ingredients and bacterial strains found in the human intestinal flora and are therefore completely harmless. Byom's deodorizer restores the natural microbiological balance and creates a human-friendly microflora.

Byoms is completely safe to use on all materials. and it is particularly suitable for clothes that cannot be washed in the washing machine, but need to be refreshed.

Since we have quite a few beautiful dresses that just cannot be washed in the machine, we are happy with Byoms, which extends the time between hand washing or cleaning.

Instructions for use: Spray on the clothes and let the good bacteria do the hard work. Already after 20 minutes the bad smell will have subsided. The full effect is achieved after approx. 24 hours. The effect lasts for up to 8 days

  • Biodegradable and therefore not harmful to humans and the environment
  • Completely free of preservatives, but still long shelf life min. 3 years
  • Without greenhouse gases
  • Carefully selected natural organic ingredients
  • Significantly reduces the risk of fungus and infections
  • 100% vegan and not tested on animals
  • The packaging is made of recyclable plastic
  • 200 ml