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Vintage inspired dresses and other clothing from The House of Foxy

The House of Foxy is a British brand that creates feminine clothing in true vintage style inspired primarily by the 1940s , 1950s, 1960s . Behind the brand stands the amazing woman Clare Quartermaine, a true vintage enthusiast! The company behind The House of Foxy has been around for ten years, and today Clare has several employees – including four seamstresses, a pattern cutter, a garment finisher and a production manager. The House of Foxy produces all their clothes themselves in England, in a small factory. The close collaboration with the factory means, among other things, that Clare is not dependent on having to deal with seasonal collections, but can have her designs put into production all year round. In addition, she can also ensure that both the products and the framework in which they are produced are as good as possible, which means a lot to her and the entire company's ethical values.
Clare and the whole team behind The House of Foxy are very dedicated to the brand and even acquire and reproduce original vintage patterns and designs that add extra authenticity! The authenticity, quality and fit of the clothes are central points in the design process and this is always reflected in the final product, whether it is a pair of classic 30s sailor trousers, a simple 40s A-line dress or a close-fitting set with blouse and high-waisted pencil skirt, à la the 50s hourglass silhouette !
Regardless of figure and body type and preferred vintage style, The House of Foxy has the perfect vintage outfit for you! Currently, the brand is expanding their size range, so they now make their clothes in sizes from XS to 5XL, and we are constantly striving to be able to offer their beautiful clothes to our plus size customers as well!
Mondo Kaos is the exclusive distributor of The House of Foxy in Denmark, which we are incredibly proud of! We work closely with Clare and time and time again we fall in love with her beautiful, flattering designs that are every vintage diva's dream - we are especially fond of her very feminine 40s designs that suit all body types and sizes! We also get exclusive prints and colors made of our bestsellers, which are ONLY available in Mondo Kaos.
We have a solid selection of The House of Foxy in the store and here on the webshop, which includes including dresses, blouses, trousers, skirts, cardigans and outerwear in authentic vintage style.

Vintage Dresses from The House of Foxy

Our selection of dresses from The House of Foxy features classic cocktail dresses, elegant evening dresses and cute everyday dresses in authentic vintage style from their 40s , 50s and 60s collection.
From their 40's collection we have, among other things, their two signature designs 'Ava' and 'Grable' in several colors and prints, which have become absolute bestsellers in Mondo Kaos! Both dresses are in a classic early 1940s cut, and can be worn for everyday and festive occasions, depending on how you style them. We also have the classic cocktail dresses 'Hayworth' and 'Lana', two pencil dresses with fantastic details such as faux sarong and peplum skirt that create silhouette and shape - the peplum skirt in particular is characteristic of fashion in the early 1940s, when restrictions on fabric challenged designers' creative abilities.
From their 60s collection, we have the beautiful 'Bardot' dress in both pencil and swing versions. The dress is a beautiful model with a bodice in a dramatic black lace, inspired by Brigitte Bardot, who was photographed in a dress with the same type of lace bodice in the 60s. We also have the sexy Mansfield dress, which is a fitted pencil dress with a nice plunging neckline that gives a great look for the groom's aisle! - that's why the dress is called 'Mansfield', named after Hollywood diva and sex icon Jayne Mansfield, who was famous (or infamous, depending on who you ask!) in the late 50s and early 60s for her perky bosom and low-cut dresses that rarely left anything to the imagination!

Vintage blouses and shirts from The House of Foxy

Our selection of blouses includes feminine blouses and shirts in classic 40s style , with beautiful authentic details such as feminine tie bows and cute Peter Pan collars, all of which go perfectly with your high-waisted trousers and skirts.
From their 30's collection, we have elegant long-sleeved blouses with bishop sleeves, loose-fit blouses with frilled sleeves and a tie at the neck and feminine blouses with shawl collars.
From their 40's collection we have classic shirt blouses with feminine lapel collar and authentic buttons (redesign), the iconic pussy bow blouse which is a feminine shirt blouse with 'pussy bow' ties at the neck/collar, and the very elegant keyhole blouse with mandarin collar and 'cap sleeves' (inspired by the American fashion of the 40s!).

Vintage trousers from The House of Foxy

We have all The House of Foxy's trousers in our range. They make classic, high-waisted sailing and swing trousers in several models and colours, inspired by the 30s and 40s.
From their 30's collection we have their classic sailor trousers with double-breasted button closure and wide legs and from their 40's collection we have both their classic bestseller swing trousers with wide legs and side button closure and their new 'Hepburn' swing trousers with flattering pleats from the waist down over the hip and wide pant legs.

Vintage skirts from The House of Foxy

Our selection of skirts includes e.g. 4 0s pencil skirts and 50s swing skirts . What they have in common is that they are high-waisted, so they always define the waist in the best way. Depending on the type of top you wear with your House of Foxy skirt, you can create different looks and silhouettes. A pencil skirt gives an elegant look and a narrow silhouette that accentuates the entire lower body and elongates the legs, a sarong skirt gives the narrow silhouette but also offers more freedom of movement than the pencil skirt, and the swing skirt creates the classic hourglass silhouette with a defined waist and full hips - the perfect skirt for Lindy Hop or swing dancing.

Vintage jackets and coats from The House of Foxy

Finally, our The House of Foxy range also includes two styles of their beautiful outerwear in classic 40s style; an Americana jacket inspired by early 40s wartime fashion and a dream of a swing coat inspired by Dior's New Look and the late 40s. Our outerwear from The House of Foxy is made of very high quality wool and lined with the softest satin, so you are sure to keep warm while allowing the skin to breathe!

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