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Plus size dresses and other clothing in Vintage style

In this category you will find our selection of our most flattering retro and vintage inspired dresses and other plus size clothing. Most of our brands make their clothes in sizes up to 2XL, several of our brands also make up to 3XL and 4XL and a few of our brands also make their clothes in sizes 5XL and 6XL.

Converting to Danish plus sizes

As you may have noticed, we use the more universal size names such as 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL and 6XL, and we do this both because the majority of our products come from abroad and because we also have a number of foreign customers.
The conversion is as follows:
XL / Xlarge = Danish size 42
2XL / 2Xlarge = Danish size 44
3XL / 3Xlarge = Danish size 46
4XL / 4Xlarge = Danish size 48
5XL / 5Xlarge = Danish size 50
6XL / 6Xlarge = Danish size 52

Currently, our selection of retro and vintage plus size clothing consists mainly of dresses, with a small selection of blouses, pants, skirts and other clothing. We are constantly striving to expand our plus size range in sizes, styles and brands so that all our customers can find a lovely dress or outfit in feminine retro style that suits them and their figure and body type!

Plus size dresses in retro and vintage style

We have plus size dresses from a total of nine different retro and vintage brands, and our selection includes A-line dresses, pencil dresses and swing dresses in different styles, so you can find both your everyday dress and your cocktail dress here!

For plus size A-line styles, we have simple shirt dresses, practical wrap dresses and elegant bias cut and empire dresses. A-line styles are great for everyday wear because the skirt is easy to move in - it's neither too tight nor too voluminous. A-line dresses create a slight hourglass shape, and depending on whether you prefer empire cuts or waist-cut cuts, your shape is accentuated in different ways.
For plus size pencil styles, we have classic designs such as peplum, faux sarong, wrap and turtleneck. Pencil dresses frame the entire figure and accentuate all the curves, and here too, our selection includes different cuts that accentuate your curves in the best possible way!
Our plus size swing styles include waist-cut shirt dress es and faux wrap dresses that help shape the silhouette. Most of our swing dresses are waist-cut, which means they define the waist and emphasize the bust and hips, regardless of whether they are swing dresses with or without a wide waistband.

Plus size cocktail dresses in retro and vintage style

We have several different types of plus size cocktail dresses, no matter what occasion you need the dress for, whether it's for a cocktail party, a night out on the town, a formal business dinner or a date! Cocktail dresses are often very simple in their designs, which makes it possible to style them in many different ways - for example, you can make your look sexier by wearing the dress with a pair of seamed tights and heels or you can make it more formal by wearing your dress with a bolero and a pair of lace-up shoes.

Plus size blouses, pants and skirts in retro and vintage style

We have a small selection of plus size blouses and shirts, including feminine shirt blouses and keyhole blouses in elegant 40s style and lovely ruffle tops with a playful 50s look. We also have a small selection of retro plus size pants, including sailor pants and swing pants. Both types of pants are high-waisted and have wide legs for a great silhouette. Our selection of retro and vintage style plus size skirts is slightly larger and includes A-line skirts, pencil skirts and swing skirts! All our skirts are high-waisted to define the waist and create a great silhouette!

Plus size swimwear in retro and vintage style

We carry plus size swimwear from American Esther Williams swimwear. The swimwear is designed for swimming and specifically for shape retention - even with a large bust. This makes Esther Williams' swimsuits and bikinis very suitable for plus size women who want to swim actively and make sure all their shapes stay where they should!

Plus size outerwear in retro and vintage style

If you're looking for an elegant, retro-inspired plus size blazer, jacket or coat, you'll find it here. We have blazers in classic 40s and 50s designs, short jackets in wartime pinup style and gorgeous winter coats with swing skirts that suit all body types and accentuate every shape in just the right way!

Our retro and vintage plus size brands, sizes 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL and 6XL

We've made a small overview showing which of our brands make plus size clothing - please note that not all models or colors are available!
Some brands we only have plus size dresses from, and other brands we also have blouses, skirts and/or pants from.

See all our plus size clothing in our Copenhagen store

We always have a good selection of plus size dresses in different styles, colors and prints in stock, both here on our webshop and in our store in Copenhagen N. Here on the webshop you can browse and see what we have in stock of plus size clothes right now, but if you have the opportunity to stop by our store in Copenhagen, we recommend that you do so to see our full selection and also try on the clothes. In the store ,we are all passionate clothing and dress lovers and will do everything we can to help you find the perfect plus size outfit for you!

Do you have any questions about our plus size dresses and other clothing?

At Mondo Kaos, our first priority is always happy customers. So if you have any questions about our shirt dresses or other clothing, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. As we are usually busy taking care of the customers who visit us in the store, it would be an advantage to write your question to where we strive to respond within one business day.