Bloomsbury: Slipover med snoninger i navy Seamstress Of Bloomsbury

Bloomsbury: Slipover with twists in navy

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Super delicious slipover vest with twists from The Seamstress of Bloomsbury in cream in vegan material.

This super nice slipover is made in a replica of 'orlon', which was a material developed as a wool substitute in the 1940s. Orlon is vegan, so it's good for all those who seem to scratch wool.

This beautiful waistcoat is made from a pattern of the beautiful waistcoats from the 1940s. The vest has a V-neck with ribbing, as well as ribbing at both armholes and a wide ribbing at the waist.

The fine twists give a beautiful variation in the plain knit, and are perfect over both plain and patterned shirts. It is of course knitted so that it sits close to the body and accentuates the figure.

The slipover is perfect for a trousers look, with a shirt underneath.

  • Beautiful with a tie-bow shirt underneath, where you can let the bow hang out.
  • Great vegan alternative to wool
  • Wear it with all the beautiful vintage style trousers and/or jeans